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Smile still packing audiences into movie houses. Halloween may have come and gone a week ago, but audiences are still flocking to see Parker Finn’s hit horror film.

Paramount Pictures has announced Smile has topped $200 million in worldwide ticket sales after six weeks. So far, the film has grossed $103.8 million internationally and $99.1 million domestically for a worldwide total of $202.9 million.

Here’s our coverage of the film with over 30 reviews:


‘When you see it, it’s too late’
Smile is a 2022 American supernatural horror film about a creature that smiles eerily before brutally dying its victims.

Written and directed by Parker Finn.

The Paramount Players-Temple Hill Entertainment production features Sosie Bacon (Charlie says; Low season 2017; Scream: The TV Series), Jesse T Usher (The boys series), Kal Penn, Rob Morgan (Stranger Things series), Kyle Gallner (Scream 2022), and Caitlin Stasey (All Cheerleaders die).

After witnessing a bizarre, traumatic incident involving a patient, Doctor Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon) begins to experience terrifying events that she cannot explain. As an overwhelming terror begins to take over her life, Rose must confront her troubling past in order to survive and escape her horrifying new reality…


IN USA, Smile was released biographically by Paramount Pictures on September 30, 2022. It can be rented or purchased through Amazon Prime

IN USA, Smile will be available on Blu-ray + Digital, 4K Ultra-HD and DVD on December 13, 2022.

Smile doesn’t quite have the eternal sense of underlying dread that The Ring, which it resembles in a few respects, had, and a dream sequence about two-thirds of the way through goes a bit too broad. Otherwise, this is a pleasantly creepy horror film that opens the obligatory door for a sequel, yet does so in a way that isn’t cheap.” 3 out of 4, Aisle Seat

Smile pulls off with its effective, terrifying jump scares and Bacon’s named performance. Finn shows he has visionary promise in the horror genre, but we hope his next project is a little more pared-down, stripped of getting in the way of the set-up and allowing the scares and actors to really take center stage.” C+, Awards Watch


“Bacon deftly holds our attention even in the breaks between unnerving scares. There’s a familiarity to the nature and formula of the curse, making it easy to draw comparisons to more beloved horror films. Still, it’s well-crafted and introduces a fresh-feeling mythology, with some genuine scares along the way.” 3/5, Bloody Disgusting

Finn can’t quite get excited about the script’s detective elements, and he doesn’t know how to rein in Bacon, who simply hyperventilates in the part […] Smile has its hook, but it doesn’t do enough with the innate horror of such a scourge, and instead plays a crude game of shock and volume, which isn’t enough to sustain a longer journey into madness.” 2 out of 5,

” …in the final act, the film hits a stride that actually ends it on a significant note. This is largely due to the creature’s design and the clear inspiration from films such as It follows. The pace and the little chaos help to create fear in a way that we don’t experience through much of the film. Add in finally getting to see exactly what makes people smile, and well, I can’t complain.” 6.5/10, but why?

Smile is far from the big high concept horror film I was hoping it would be. But Parker Finn’s feature-length directorial debut remains a reasonably unsettling experience about trauma and mental states best seen on the big screen.” 3/5, Casey’s Movie Mania

“There are quite a few”boo!” jump scares, which to me usually just feel lazy, but here among the rest of the story, after Rose’s journey and her descent into madness, I was totally on board. The ending is predictable, it borrows from countless other horror movies and you could pretty easily imagine a sequel from it. But overall, I really enjoyed how this was presented.” 4/5, Cine Chat

“…Smile is a solid horror film with lots of horror elements and layers that complement each other. The story is also easy to follow, and the uncomplicated premise makes it easy for viewers to become engaged and drawn into Rose’s life, only to scare us with jumpscares and action when we least expect it.” 7.5/10, Nerd Culture


Smile stands alone with momentum in the direction of sheer unease for the viewers. It’s going to do huge in theaters. While the overall aesthetics can be seen in the same way as other features Smile carries its own weight. Packed with terror and contempt and a truly captivating performance from Bacon Smile is brilliant.” 4/5, Horror Movies Uncut

Smile neatly builds its atmosphere of paranoid dread while treating its themes of trauma and recovery (or the lack thereof) in a respectfully dramatic manner. Therefore, the uninspired conclusion is a real letdown (but truly satisfying horror movie endings are hard to come by). Generally recommended for genre fans…” JB Spins

Smile does an admirable job of constantly ratcheting up the tension, making the viewer always aware of what surrounds Rose. She is our only window into the terror, so we are always in observation of her story as it unfolds. Where you expect the film to zig, it often zags. Shocking jump scares are effectively jarring, especially one that involves replaying a sound wave over and over.” 4/5, Josh at the Movies

“Despite its somewhat formulaic plot, Smile still stands as an excellent showcase for filmmaker Finn, who shows promise in the horror landscape, particularly his ability to create gnarly graphics and evoke an uneasy sense of dread […] Smile should be enough to make any genre fan’s day a little happier.” 3.5/5, Mr Movie’s Film Blog

“It introduces Finn as a skilled horror helmer, one with a talent for an elegantly crafted jump scare and an ability to leave a viewer feeling uneasy and sad when they leave the theater — both advantages to a film like this. But fans excited to see an “original” horror film hit theaters should temper those expectations.”


” …if the basic i Smile is standard, Finn has filled in the details in exciting and terrifying ways. The nature of the haunting he’s created allows him to examine trauma and its effects in ways that go beyond the typical supernatural chiller, heightening the psychological stakes for its heroine. He also demonstrates a knack for stylishly suggestive images…” Rue Morgue

“The smiling face takes the place of the stereotypical masked killer, offering the antagonistic figure an ever-changing appearance that gives the impression that it can appear anywhere at any time […] Smile is best when using a “less is more” approach, allowing the dark rooms to envelop the audience in fear. Predictable plot beats and an uneven tone muddle a concept that could have been much scarier.” 2.5/5, Showbiz Cheat Sheet

“The horror genre is absolutely rotten with films that use allegorical tools to explore how people try to exorcise their personal demons, but Smile brings audiences that catharsis in a most unexpected form. This is, after all, a mainstream studio effort about a creature whose crocodile smiles reflect back to us the gaping emotional wounds we hide behind our own painted grins.” 3/4, Oblique

” …in many ways, while you have to respect what Bacon and Finn do when it comes to giving Smile some weight, if you’re a horror fan who just wants to be scared from the safety of the theater, you’ll get what you came for. But you also get a lot that you didn’t ask for and that after a certain time you might not want.” Wherever I look


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