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Singer-songwriter Shaun drops new single ‘So Right’ with Yuna

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Touches of musical tones give heavy emotions with the new single release, “So Right”, by the soulful and electrifying duo, Yuna and Shaun. There is no doubt that the paired experienced artists would capture the ears of music consumers, as Yuna, the author of lyrics, and Shaun’s ways of producing tracks are no stranger to creating topline hits.

The single “So Right” is not just a sound; it is a journey that the duo orchestrated to create sensual feelings and give the listener hope that love is just around the corner if we can only close our eyes and trust that is. It teases the feelings of “love at first sight” and the butterflies that come with those feelings. Shaun was responsible for the overall production, composition and arrangement of the number. Yuna also participated in the composition while she came up with the lyrics and the narrative to drive this production home.

See Shaun’s So Right Feat Yuna:

Asia’s leading artist Shaun and Yuna met in October last year in a studio in LA and started their musical exchanges. Since then, they have continued to communicate steadily from their respective countries and have today released their masterpieces.

Shaun’s voice is strongly depicted through sensuous beats and deep sounds complemented by snares, finger snaps and kicks. In addition, Yuna’s soft vocals capture listeners on top of the fascinating guitar sound, which completes the sensibility of “So Right”. A beautiful creation by both artists that perfectly expresses the roller coaster ride of emotions, the high energy, the warm vague feeling, confusion and sensuality.

Photo Credit Unbound Entertainment Group

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