Shreveport woman protects the tree in her yard from being removed by the city | News

SHREVEPORT, La. – A sewer line project looked more like a crime scene when an elderly woman blocked a tree felling crew on her property Thursday morning in the Highland area.

A swarm of officers set up crime scene tapes and talked to the woman as she sat in her walker by a large catalpa tree on her property. She was there to stop a crew hired by the city to remove the tree, which she says may be 200 years old.

“They’re going to have to carry me to jail because I will not give in,” swore Elizabeth Shackleford, who turned 92 the day before.

Shackleford and her family say the tree is not in the city’s easement where it intends to lay new sewer pipes.

Eventually, the tree removal personnel took off with all their equipment and heavy machinery, and the police removed the crime tape.

“There is not a criminal element here. This is going to be a civil issue,” SPD Cpl. said Chris Bordelon. “We have instructed both sides to return to court and see if they can reach a solution in this case.”

Shackleford and her two daughters on the spot said they all have fond memories of playing in the shade of the tree. The family says it has owned the property near the dead end of Leon Street since the late 1880s.

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