Shooting on 19th Street leaves 1 man dead

DENVER (KDVR) – Denver Police are investigating a shooting that was reported around noon. 19 Saturday near Denver Skatepark and Commons Park downtown.

According to police, the incident left a man dead at the scene, which allegedly took place along 19th Street near Little Raven Street. They say this is an isolated incident.

A suspect has not been identified or located at this time. If you have information about this case, please contact Denver Police.

FOX31 spoke to a couple who were walking with their puppy in Commons Park and got back to their car and realized it had been trapped in the crime lane with evidence markers and clothing covering the road.

Adalaina McCool & Eddie Matthews said they were surprised they were so close and heard nothing.

“Honestly, I’m just shocked that it’s going on around here. It’s a park and there are a lot of families and things around here. It’s a little scary,” McCool & Matthews said.

Authorities advised the public to avoid the area.

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