Shang-Chi is called out to try to rip Spider-Man off

Shang-Chi no longer trusts either his family or his Avengers allies – all because he tries to emulate Spider-Man (and fails miserably).

Warning: contains spoilers for Shang-Chi # 11!

Marvels Shang-Chi is in hot water again after his closest allies have compared him unfavorably Spider Man – and believes that an attempt to imitate the crawler is to compromise with oneself. The master of Kung-Fu may not have any superpowers like Peter Parker, but is objectively a much better fighter when it comes to his technique, due to his brutal training regime in all kinds of martial arts from an early age. But Shang-Chi # 11 proves that when Shang-Chi tries to be someone other than himself, he fails – and his family ends up paying the price.

In the previous story has the title Shang-Chi vs Marvel universe, Shang-Chi and his family ended the story in a difficult place. Thanks to his insistence on preserving his father’s criminal empire instead of destroying it completely, Shang-Chi’s Five Weapons Society often clashes with the Avengers (who believe that Shang-Chi’s organization is still a source of evil and cannot be reformed). . Shang-Chi’s family, meanwhile, is very traditional and believes it is an unforgivable weakness to show mercy to its enemies. Therefore, Shang Chi is really hated by both groups and still has not regained their trust.


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This is Shang-Chi trapped between stone and hard, as neither the Avengers nor his own family fully trust him – certainly not after fighting Thor and the Fantastic Four and letting his own brother be imprisoned. But i Shang-Chi # 11, things take a turn for the worse as Shang-Chi’s family finds themselves in the mysterious area of ​​Ta Lo. There they are set up by the Jade Emperor’s soldiers. “Never use fists when words dove,” says Shang-Chi as he sees his family attacking the soldiers. “Where did you get that stupid idea from?” answers his sister, referring to Spider-Man. “From the sniper?”

Spider-Man and Shang-Chi are historically good friends and frequent allies in combat, but the two are very different people. Peter is still quite immature and behaves like a teenager (although modern incarnations usually age him up to around 25 or so). Shang-Chi, meanwhile, is an adult with frightening responsibilities on his shoulders at all times; he can not always afford to use mercy on his enemies because his allies count on him for protection. The worlds of Spider-Man and Shang-Chi are quite different in both tone and consequences.

Spider-Man’s heroism is quite simplistic, while Shang-Chi often exists in a world of gray. This could be the result of being brought up by his criminal father – who, while still a criminal, loved Shang-Chi and his family wholeheartedly in his own way. Shang-Chi, no matter how hard he tries, he can never exist in the black and white world Spider Man.

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