Seventeen’s comeback album will feature 260 different photo cards

Article: Seventeen returns with an album of 260 different photo cards

Source: Idol Edition via Instagram

1. [+137] Hybe … do you want to die?

2. [+61] But if the unreleased photo cards are to be like the last album, where each member gets 32, then it will be a good 600 different photo cards

3. [+47] 260 photo cards? It checks out because there are 13 members. But what fans are upset about are all the random and useless other things that come with the album that make the album unnecessarily large, so they can promote the idea that >> the album is so big that the price is reasonable <

4. [+7] What’s up with the highlighter pens?

5. [+6] Uh … my blood pressure …

6. [+1] Hybe should rather plant 260 trees to compensate for this ;;;

7. [+6] These albums are suddenly getting more expensive … Hybe, where are you greedy ??

8. [+7] It’s shocking to me no matter how much I find out ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+2] Why are you so surprised, you forgot ‘An Ode’ ㅎ

10. [+2] Wow, everyone gets so greedy

11. [+2] What’s the price, $ 100 … ;;;

12. [+2] You have to be crazy

13. [+2] Take out the highlighters and lower the price of the album, You scammers. Is this a joke? And why did you make the album so big? There is no way we can smuggle these into our homes …

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