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Semtech expands LoRa Edge ™ platform to support seamless, worldwide asset tracking

The new LoRa Edge ™ LR1120 enables satellite-based networks and simplifies the interoperability of terrestrial networks.

Semtech Corporation announces the addition of multi-band capabilities to its LoRa Edge device-to-cloud geolocation platform.

The new LoRa Edge LR1120 allows for direct Satellite Internet of Things (IoT) applications in supply chain management and logistics with trouble-free low-power geolocation on a global scale.

“Semtech’s LoRa® addresses the track and trace challenges facing the logistics industry today with a geolocation IoT platform tailored to global transport and mass-scale asset management,” said Marc Pégulu, Vice President of IoT Product Marketing for Semtechs Wireless and Sensing Products Group.

“With the launch of multi-band LoRa supportcombined with LoRa Cloud ™ services, expanding ubiquitous IoT connectivity and geolocation globally has never been easier. “

With the LoRa Edge LR1120, intercontinental logistics companies can take advantage of highly integrated, ultra-low power trackers with improved interoperability, more versatile connectivity for simpler operation and global mobility across multiple regulatory regions. In addition, the ability to offer a low power and low cost sensor with satellite connection unlocks a wealth of use cases in infrastructure monitoring, agriculture and environmental monitoring, which require proliferation in remote areas, which tend to be very capital intensive.

According to Christopher Taylor, Director, RF & Wireless with Strategy Analytics:

“Combining LoRa with small, relatively inexpensive LEO satellites will change the game for LoRa and IoT. Adding satellite communications capabilities in the S-band to LoRa can help replace aging SCADA monitoring and open up new applications and markets, especially in remote So far, LoRa has attracted interest from several satellite companies, including EchoStar and Lacuna. “

Semtech LoRa Edge LR1120

Key Features of the LoRa Edge LR1120:

  • Multi-band LoRa capability (sub-GHz, 2.4 GHz and licensed S-band for satellite) and multi-technology geolocation using GNSS for outdoor and Wi-Fi for indoor, as well as areas where satellite coverage is poor
  • LoRa Cloud geolocation solver, which transfers the workload for location management from the device to the cloud, enabling ‘roll out once’ battery life
  • Supported by GPS and BeiDou constellations
  • Hardware cryptomotor for increased security
To learn more about the LoRa Edge platform, please visit here.

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