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Sebastian Maniscalco closes CinemaCon with stand-up and ‘About my father’ – Deadline

Update for updates If there is one enduring motif among the studio presentations at CinemaCon this year, it is comedians working on the exhibition crowd. Lionsgate closed CinemaCon with Sebastian Maniscalco performing an eight-minute stand-up to big roars at Caesars Colosseum. He’s here to promote the film inspired by his life, About my father. Yesterday, Universal had Billy Eichner, Jo Koy Steve Carell.

“A little treat,” said Maniscalco, who gave Lionsgate distribution manager David Spitz after introducing the studio session today, “he was a little nervous backstage that the teleprompter would get dark and he would be lost up here.”

His set covered everything from his Jewish in-laws, the Italians’ approach to food, the queue and the price at the casino pool, how Hamilton never changed his life, and more.

“I see you painting around the casino, I have to give it up to you, who decided the strings would be so big?” takes a flick of the CinemaCon tags, “What are you hiding in there? Your tax returns?”

He mentioned how Vegas used to be a place where people dress up. “It looks like a slumber party out there,” Maniscalco says.

On paper straws: “A couple of turtles die in the ocean and I’m going to have to get a brain aneurysm drinking out of a straw made of drywall.”

About exhibitors: “I did not expect a lot of Jews to go into theater ownership.”

Introduction Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret: “When I was 11, my prayers sounded like this: ‘It’s me Sebastian. I just hope my date tomorrow night likes my new cologne. “

And his wife: “Love my wife, she’s slow, she’s not moving. She’s not moving properly. We went out for dinner, our car doors never open at the same time. I go out and close the door. I see she’s still in the car. She’s heels on, they hurt, I understand … I’m looking at the GPS, we’re five minutes away; maybe I should gather my feet again. She does not know how to work in heels. She gets out of the car, it’s like a thriller video. ”

Maniscalco co-wrote and executive produced About my father Robert De Niro plays his father. In the photo, Maniscalco tells his old Italian immigrant father Salvo that he wants to date his all-American girlfriend, Salvo insists on making a weekend with his tony parents.


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