Screenwriter believes that Batman Returns is not a favorite among Batman fans

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Tim Burtons Batman returnsand rightly so, it feels more like a real Tim Burton movie than one Batman movie. After the 1989s Batman became a huge hit, Burton chose to return for a sequel if he could make it more of his own. This is something he certainly did with darker undertones, especially with his portrayal of Danny DeVito’s Penguin, and more adult insinuation. It is a divisive film that has grown in popularity over the years, but the film’s screenwriter believes that the sequel has never been popular with true Batman fans.

Daniel Waters, the screenwriter behind it Batman returnsrecently spoke with Vulture and says that Burton’s Batman returns have “Never been popular with true Batman fans.” He seems to insinuate that it’s a kind of anti-Batman movie, because it goes strongly against what made the first movie successful, but he acknowledges that people have come a little more to the movie in recent years:

“I think now – especially since the Batman from 2022 came out, which I was quite happy about – people are coming around to Batman Returns. Not that it was not respected when it came out, but it has never been popular with real Batman A friend, fellow screenwriter Josh Olson, who wrote A History of Violence, has a line: “Batman Returns is a movie for people who hate Batman.” I accept that criticism. “

Batman returns was released in 1992, and although it set records for opening weekend box office, the film saw a rapid decline and did not reach the financial heights of its predecessor from 1989. Its darker themes made it a hard sell as the film was marketed to children, and many parents were a little bored of some of the more suggestive material in the film. Warner Bros. executives were also put off by its darker tone and saw it as a reason it appeared smaller than the first film. This led to Tim Burton being replaced by Joel Schumacher in the next round, Batman foreverwhich went much easier in tone and experienced improved ticket office.

Many fans visit some of the older ones again Batman movies due to the release of Batman but I have noticed that Batman returns being mentioned more and more as a fan favorite. All the reasons why people felt it was too different back in 1992 are some of the reasons why others take it to heart today.

What are YOUR thoughts on what Daniel Waters says Batman returns has never been popular with true Batman fans?

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