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Schoolboy, 14, ‘beaten with baseball bat by gang demanding his jacket for £ 120’

A father has recounted how his 14-year-old son was beaten with a baseball bat by a gang demanding his 120-pound jacket. Cameron Cowie was in a park with friends when he was approached by eight teenagers

One allegedly demanded a 120-pound NVLTY jacket that Cameron was wearing – but he refused to hand it over. He was then sent a baseball bat and ‘smashed in Cameron’s face’ said desperate father Kyle Cowie.

The schoolboy was left with a broken eye socket and bleeding on the eye after the horror attack in Penkridge, Staffordshire. Cowie, 37, says a woman from a nearby house ran outside and challenged the group of boys who ran away.

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Cameron was rushed to hospital after the attack on a park near Heron Drive around 8:55 p.m. on April 14 and went to the emergency room. His father says doctors said Cameron was lucky to escape with the injuries due to the severity of the attack. It was so bad that one of his friends, who was with him at the time, was physically ill, Mr Cowie claims.

Cameron Cowie
Cameron Cowie

Staffordshire Police have launched an investigation and arrested a 15-year-old boy suspected of intentionally injuring. He remained in custody today, April 28.

Cowie thought Penkridge was a “safe” place to live, but it no longer feels that way. He said Cameron’s friends are afraid to go out now.

The father said, “A group of about eight teenagers approached my son. He was asked by a boy to give him his coat. When my son said no, the boy pulled out a knife.

“Then another boy pulled a baseball bat out of his bag and gave it to the boy, who then started smashing my son’s face with it. Fortunately, it was the baseball bat and not the knife.

“A lovely lady heard what was going on and ran out of the house and the group of boys ran off. Again it is fortunate that my son has serious injuries but they are not life threatening.

“He was rushed to the emergency room. He sustained multiple injuries, including a broken and incoherent eye socket and bleeding on his eye.

“He spent the whole night in the hospital on Thursday (April 14) and part of the day in the hospital on Friday (April 15). He is out of the hospital, but he is still not discharged, which means many more visits to the hospital for him.

“On one of these appointments, we discovered that his eye socket has moved back a bit – so this will be monitored if he is to have surgery in the future.”

Mr. Cowie continued that the attachment had a massive effect on Cameron. “We were to leave Friday morning (April 15) for Easter,” he said.

“I asked Cameron if he still wanted to leave when we got out of the hospital and he said ‘yes, I want to get away from this place’. We went to a caravan park and attended the evening entertainment.

“I could feel Cameron was not happy and when I talked to him his answer was” (everyone) looks into my eyes and talks about me, I want to go back to the caravan “. Then we fought to get Cameron leaving the caravan or the car.

“When we went to the beach and the gaming hall, Cameron’s response was ‘I just stay in the car because everyone’s looking into my eyes.’ him out of his room. “

Cowie said his son has enjoyed “really good support” from the community. Some people have given him gifts, while others have paid him a personal visit, which helped to ‘put a smile back on his face’.

But Cameron is struggling to come to terms with what happened. Cowie said: “As a parent, I can clearly see what effect this has had on him mentally.

“He’s going to school at the moment because he’s afraid to go. This will have an effect on him for the rest of his life, which is completely understandable.

“He’s only 14 years old and this will have scarred him for the rest of his life. It makes me feel sick that no one is safe these days – and young people are walking around carrying dangerous and life-threatening weapons.

“The attack on Cameron was that one of his friends was physically ill when he saw it happen. His friends are now afraid that it will happen to them too.

“The effect it has had on Cameron, his friends and myself and his mother mentally is so hard to describe. Not that Cameron wants to go and play out again for a long time, but as a parent when that time comes, I’ll be worried about his safety.

“I’m just so grateful for the woman who heard the trouble and came running out and basically saved my son’s life. When I think about how bad it could have been, I’m just grateful that Cameron got away with it. the injuries he did.

“Every doctor and consultant we’ve seen has said, you know how lucky he is to only have these injuries.”

Despite the seriousness of the assault, Cowie claims Staffordshire Police have been slow to act, claiming it took 12 days to appoint an officer to the case. In response to the story, a spokesman for the force said: “Police were called to Heron Drive, Penkridge, around 8.50pm on April 14 after reports of violence.

“On arrival, officers found a 14-year-old boy with head and face injuries. The victim reported being hit several times by a perpetrator with a baseball bat.

“The suspect then fled the scene on foot towards nearby forests. Following inquiries, a 15-year-old boy was arrested yesterday (Wednesday, April 27) on suspicion of intentionally injuring.

“He remains in police custody as investigations continue. Protecting people from nuisance is our priority, and officers are working to ensure victims are adequately secured to receive the help and support they need.”

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