‘Save the Robin Hood’ tries to save Stretford pub from developers

A COMMUNITY joins forces in an attempt to save an abandoned pub in Stretford from oblivion.

Save the Robin Hood, a collective of residents in the town, is in talks with the owners to buy the pub at the intersection of Barton Road and Urmston Lane.

Robin Hood, built in the 19th century, has been abandoned since 2018, and photos taken inside the pub show that it has deteriorated to a desperate state.

The owners want to turn it into about 20 apartments and houses, some of them in the car park, with an active planning application on the Trafford Council’s website.

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An earlier plan application was withdrawn in 2020, while the active plan application was filed about a year ago but has not yet been decided.

However, Colette Nerini, a nearly 10-year-old Stretford resident and coordinator of Save the Robin Hood, believes the collective has a better idea.

She told The Messenger: “This is the best place with the best people in the world.

“It’s so important for us to hold on to the historic buildings we have in Stretford.”

Messenger Newspapers: Robin Hood in Stretford.Robin Hood in Stretford.

Colette created a social media account for Save the Robin Hood, which attracted hundreds of followers over the course of a few weeks.

A post on the account with more than 750 reactions and 165 comments reads: “We are teaming up to save this incredible old booze from the developers and turn it into a thriving pub where everyone in the community can enjoy a pint or two together.

“We reckon that saving space like this is not just about beer, it’s about building community, promoting creativity and protecting heritage.

“We want to be there for christenings and birthdays, weddings and wakes. A pub that is a landmark of our city in every sense of the word.”

It concludes: “We put Robin Hood back in the hands of the people. A pretty appropriate name, right?”

In the coming weeks, Save the Robin Hood will create a crowdfunder in what Colette calls a ‘fighting fund’ for the collective.

There is a meeting in Stretford Public Hall on 12 May at 19.30, where all those who want to help Save the Robin Hood are invited to participate.

For information, search for the collective on Facebook.

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