Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra looks similar to S22 Ultra in leaked renders

Yesterday, the leak floodgates opened for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 family with renders of the Galaxy S23 and S23+. Today, the missing member gets the focus – we are of course talking about the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Samsung’s top non-folding device for next year will end up looking like its predecessor, it turns out. Seriously, it’s almost impossible to tell just by looking at these renders that this isn’t the S22 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra leaked renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra leaked renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra leaked renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra leaked renders

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra leaked renders

And yet – it’s not. The three main camera circle ‘islands’ appear to protrude slightly more in the S23 Ultra, while the other two protrude visibly less. The front also looks slightly flatter, so the radius of the curves has been further tightened – the Ultra was as boxy as a Note anyway, now it’s a bit more boxy.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra looks like S22 Ultra, leaked renders reveal

However, it is. Those are all the obvious differences between the two – and let’s face it, they’re anything but obvious unless you go and look very closely. The S23 Ultra will measure 163.4 x 78.1 x 8.8mm compared to 163.3 x 77.9 x 8.9mm for the S22 Ultra.

With the Galaxy S23 and S23+ also adopting the split camera island look, next year’s top-of-the-line Samsung family members will finally look like they’re actually part of the same family. For better or for worse, since they also look like a lot of A-series models. So it clearly helps to cement this as Samsung’s design language.

Then again, having a $1,200+ device share a design language with a $200 device from the same brand… an interesting stylistic choice, shall we say. It certainly sacrifices exclusivity at the high end for an overall easier recognition. Whether the trade-off is worth it is anyone’s guess at this point.

Some rumors have suggested that the Galaxy S23 family was announced a few weeks earlier than the S22 models, meaning we could see a January reveal. At the rate there have been leaks recently, we’re sure to know a lot more about the S23 trio ahead of time.


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