Royal Family News – Prince William thought Harry had ‘lost the plot’ after being out with allegations of ‘total nonsense’

Prince Andrew LUNGED at me, says former royal assistant (2/2)

Nicola, who quit her job as the Duchess of York’s resident PA after just four months, said: “I had time off, but I helped Beatrice and Eugenie’s nanny.

“I got Beatrice’s face pack on my T-shirt, so I hurried to my place of residence to pick up another one, threw it on without even looking at it, and hurried back.

“Suddenly I heard a sound, I was looking into the corridor and the duke was there. I was waiting for him to approach as I was forced to interrupt, then he looked at my chest.

“I remember him staring at me, laughing, looking me in the eyes and asking me to explain what it meant. I was freezing.

“I looked at him and said nothing. But then he said, ‘Well, go on.’

“It was very strange. I was significantly younger than him, why did he ask me to explain this?

“But I think he knew what it was and I felt uncomfortable.

“The next thing was that I fumbled with my words and I said, ‘You have to think of me with my pants off.’ I could not think of explaining it any other way.

“And with that, he seemed to throw himself at me. I turned left and ran up to the ceiling. I screamed for a split second.

“I was startled. But when I reached the top, I turned around and he was gone.”

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