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Ron DeSantis claims to have special knowledge of Walt Disney’s thinking, despite the fact that Walt Disney died 10 years before the Florida governor was born

In the latest round of his feud against a private company that had the audacity to disagree with him, the Florida governor Ron DeSantis has come out with the bold claim that Walter Elias Disney, who co-founded the Walt Disney Company in 1923 and died in 1966, would not have been okay with the supposedly “awake” direction the company has taken today.

See you on Ingraham Angle shortly after Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District said he does not actually have the power to dissolve it as an act of revenge unless he first coughs up $ 1 billion, DeSantis declared: “I want everyone to do well, but I’m not comfortable to have one company with their own government and special privileges when that company has committed to attack the parents in my state.When that company has very senior people who talk about injecting transsexualism into programming for young children.It’s wrong Walt Disney did not want that. So come back to the mission. Do what you did well. That’s why people loved the company and you got lost. Maybe this will be the wake-up call they need to get back on track. ”

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If you’re just tuning in to DeSantis ‘war on Mouse Town, you should know that when he claims it’s attacking parents,’ what he’s talking about is Disney’s decision to speak out against his bigotry ‘Don’ t Say Gay “law, which bans Class K-3 sexual orientation and gender identity talks (and, critics say, on). As for “tall people talking about injecting transsexualism into programming,” DeSantis seems, though not entirely clear, to refer to comments from a Disney director who said in March that the company has a goal of to make half of all its characters members of under-represented groups, a commitment to inclusivity that simply does not fly with the Florida governor. That director also said that Disney should produce more stories where gay characters can simply be characters, instead of letting their gays be the focus of the story. Which DeSantis and other conservatives have interpreted to mean – or dishonestly tried to convince people it means – explicit sex scenes. Which clearly says more about them than it does about Disney or the LGBTQ + community.

Incidentally, a Reuters / Ipsos poll on Friday revealed that “a bipartisan majority of American voters are opposed to politicians punishing companies for their views on social issues.” Unfortunately, we do not know what Mr. Walt Disney would have said about all this, even if the Florida governor does not either, for he was born more than 10 years after the guy’s death.

In other news from DeSantis vs. Disney Miami Herald reports:

One of the nation’s leading bond rating agencies warned Thursday that if the state of Florida does not resolve a conflict over its decision to repeal Walt Disney World’s Reedy Creek Improvement District and its commitment to investors, the move could hurt other Florida’s economic status. governments. Fitch Ratings issued the warning late Thursday on its Fitch Wire website, nearly a week after Governor Ron DeSantis signed the law to dissolve the special tax district that governs Disney properties by June 1, 2023. Reedy Creek Improvement District has nearly 1 mia. bond debt, and last week Fitch issued a “negative guard” because of the uncertainty surrounding how that debt will be paid and by whom.

The agency said the situation “reflects a unique and dynamic level of disagreement” and expects the state to “ultimately work with different stakeholders to resolve the uncertainty.” But it also added a warning: “Failure to do so could change our view of Florida’s obligation to preserve bondholder rights and weaken our view of the operating environment for Florida governments.”

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