Rolling Thunder bike rally: Ottawa police make 7 arrests and tow 24 vehicles during Rolling Thunder bike rally weekend

In a statement, police did not name the demonstration by name, but said they were responding to “demonstrations” in the city.

Residents have been on edge ahead of the event following the so-called Freedom Convoy protests earlier this year that lasted for weeks.

“No injuries have been reported and police remain in full control of the city’s streets,” police said in the statement.

More than 500 attendees were expected to travel to Ottawa this weekend, according to event organizers.

Law enforcement officials have been preparing for protests.

Participants were warned by police that displaying hate symbols as swastikas “will result in charges.” The agency also warned that “the targeting of any local event will result in a police and enforcement response.”

The Canadian government invokes emergency law due to blockades and protests over Covid-19 measures

The city was paralyzed by the Freedom Convoy protests in January.

They began with truckers opposing the Covid-19 vaccine mandate, which required all Canadian truckers crossing the U.S.-Canadian border to be fully vaccinated or quarantined in their homes for two weeks when they returned.

Eventually, the protests attracted others who opposed coronavirus restrictions at the time.

Hundreds of vehicles formed convoys heading for Ottawa, and many pedestrian protesters joined the vehicles. The demonstration clogged the downtown area as well as key routes between the United States and Canada.

The protests eventually disappeared after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergency Act, resulting in arrests of protesters and the removal of vehicles and roadblocks.

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