Review of each KIS-MY-FT2 single: Sha La La ☆ Summer Time

Sha La La SummertimeIn honor of the fact that Kis-My-Ft2’s complete video has been uploaded to YouTube (in edited form, of course …), I can not help but write about each one. To put this in context for Bias List readers, Kis-My-Ft2 (or Kisumai as they are often called) is my J-pop version of Infinite. Tois how much I love them and their discography.

Still, I rarely write about them because it was so hard to find online links to their music … until now!

Sha La La ☆ Summer Time (2016)

After a while away from the roller skates, they have made a comeback for the lively fun Sha La La ☆ Daylight Saving Time. I mean … the title says pretty much it all with this one. There’s even a star in it! You do not get that anyone anxiety or drama with a song that proudly puts its “Sha La La” completely at the forefront. This is pure pop sunshine, as catchy and bright as you can imagine.

I do not imagine that a song like this will be for everyone – especially in the beginning. But if you’re willing to give up your guard and succumb to ironically happy pop music, you’ll get a treat. As with many Johnny’s songs, Sha La La ☆ Daylight Saving Time feels like it could have been torn from any era. The melody has a recurring appeal, while the airy instrumental is reminiscent of summer memories from previous years. There is an ethereal quality to the whole production that I really enjoy. The instrumental is tightly packed, but still manages to feel light as air. And the chorus? Let’s just say it gets stuck in your head too days. Possibly years.

The video is a ton of fun. Recorded on a retro-themed soundstage, the guys skate around a drive-in restaurant (and eventually around a sign?). The color palette is so comfortable that matches the uplifting vibes of the course itself. It’s a summer time for me.

Hooks 9
Production 9
Long life 9
Bias 10

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