Reservation Dogs star Devery Jacobs has joined Marvel’s Echo Series

Marvel and Disney + have kept as many details about “Echo” hidden as possible, making even fan speculation difficult. Is she a best friend? An enemy? There is no way to say it. Chances are she’s someone working with Maya after the events of “Hawkeye,” or she’s an assassin sent by Maya’s uncle, Kingpin, to take her out. With production underway, hopefully more information will come soon, but until then, we must all show the patience we do not have.

“Echo” is a fascinating companion to the existing series of “Hawkeye” and “Daredevil,” and with Disney + gaining control of the latter, we’ll hopefully see a crossover between Maya Lopez and Matt Murdock. The two can certainly learn a lot from each other.

“Echo” does not yet have an official release date, but it will probably premiere sometime in 2023. We promise to keep you updated with more “Echo” news as it becomes available.

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