Report: Donald Trump an even more terrifying bigwig than previously thought

Trustee also reveals this charming incident, via Rolling stones:

It was January 2017, and a newly inaugurated President Donald Trump was holding a reception at the White House to meet with top leaders from Congress. Hors d’oeuvres were on the menu. And the new president approached a number of racially diverse Democratic staffers and asked them to retrieve the couches, according to [the] Order.

“Why don’t you get” the food, Trump told the senator’s staff Chuck Schumer, Representative Nancy Pelosi, and other…. Then Chief of Staff in the White House Reince Priebus rushed to correct Trump’s remark, telling the then-president that he had just reached out to top congressional aides before going to find the actual White House staff.

At other times, according to Haberman, Trump would brag to people visiting the White House that he had remodeled his private White House bathroom, which a guest “interpreted … to mean that Trump did not want to use the same bathroom as his black predecessor.”

Of course, blacks were far from the only ones behind Trump’s not-at-all-hidden prejudices. According to CNN, the book describes an episode where Trump was preparing for a 2016 debate, when Priebus, playing the role of a transgender student, asked the then-candidate if a trans woman could use a girls’ bathroom.

“I have a question,” Trump said to a room full of people, Haberman recounts. “Tense or relaxed?” After the group responded with blank stares, Haberman writes, Trump made a slashing gesture. “With a dick or without a dick?” he asked.

Cis-gendered women were apparently similarly accorded the same level of respect. Per The Daily Beast:

It was…in the 80s, while at a black-tie dinner with his first wife, Ivana Trump, when the subject of Brazilian women came up. “They have so much pussy hair,” Trump said. According to Haberman, New York socialite Tony Gliedman’s wife, Ginny, stared at Trump as he delved into how Brazilian women often have to grow.

Elsewhere in the book, Haberman reportedly writes that Trump would often show pictures of women he had slept with to his staff, and while serving as president, he referred to the German chancellor. Angela Merkel as “that bitch”. Of Nikki Haley, his ambassador to the United Nations, the then-president would complain, “Can’t we do better lighting or give her better makeup?” Before Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, he reportedly would joke about her deteriorating health, putting his hands in mock prayer and saying, “Please, God. Please take care of her. Every life is precious.”

Of course, Trump also had a lot of thoughts about gay men. Former Trump staffers, Haberman writes, “recalled that Trump mocked gay men or men seen as weak with the words ‘queer’ or ‘fagot.’ According to the author, he would bully these men behind closed doors; former Trump Organization director Alan Marcus told Haberman that Trump would “belittle” another executive who Trump believed was gay and “bragged that he paid the executive less.”

In a statement to CNN, Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich suggested that no one cares that the former president is an even more terrible person than previously believed, telling the broadcast: “While coastal elites obsess over boring books filled with anonymously sourced falsehoods, America is a nation in decline. President Trump is focused on saving America, and there’s nothing the fake news can do about that.”

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