Red fans take part in the match with bags over their heads

CINCINNATI – The Cincinnati Reds are running on one of the worst losing streaks in recent team history and a growing battle between fans and ownership.

“I just want the team to win,” said Cole Murray, a Reds fan who carried a brown paper bag over his head at Friday’s Reds game.

The words “Sell Team Bob” were written on the front of Murray’s paper bag. Two of his friends also carried similar bags over their heads.

“We figured we would come out and support the players, but do everything in our power not to support the ownership group,” Murray said.

The Reds opened the season by beating the Atlanta Braves twice in a four-game series; but since then, has lost ten fights in a row, including all seven fights in a week-long westcoast roadtrip.

The Reds’ 2-12 record is the worst in Major League Baseball.

“The races, the results, all that – we know more than anyone else that this is what it’s all about,” manager David Bell said after Friday’s 4-2 loss to St. Louis. Louis. “There are no excuses. [The players] go out and give everything they have. “

For those fans who carried brown paper bags on Friday night, the message is not directed at the players.

Murray said they will continue to cheer on the players and the team.

“In Phil Castellini’s words, ‘Where are you going?’ Murray asked.

“We’re coming here,” Murray’s friend shouted during the interview, “but we will not support [ownership]. “

The correct answer to Murray’s rhetorical question is Kroger. That was where he and his friends stopped before the fight to pick up their paper bags.

The interview was interrupted by a stadium official who asked fans to remove the bags from their heads.

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