Rapper Future denies he is toxic. . My baby mothers are TOXIC!

Rapper Future has been branded as a toxic god by fans. In a new interview, he says he is not toxic at all.

“People have their own definition of what’s toxic,” Future told GQ. “[These women] all were toxic to me. They just do not want to admit it. “

In part of the interview, Kanye West’s ex Julia Fox asked him if he wanted more children.

“Uh, yeah. By my wife, if I ever get married. Of course I want to have kids with my wife. It can be 3, because I’ve never had more than one kid with a girl, so if I had two with her, “then it’s more than I had. So I feel it’s more special,” he said.

Future also explained why he has not dropped hits recently.

“It’s because I’m happy,” he told the newspaper. “I’m genuinely happy with life. And there was a time when I was only happy when I was on stage and in the studio. As if it was my escape.”

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