Ralf Rangnick is considering his own tenure as Manchester United manager

Ralf Rangnick admits he is unhappy with the lack of progress Manchester United have shown since taking temporary charge of the club last November.

Rangnick, 63, arrived at the club with the task of stabilizing the ship until a new permanent manager could be found, but has not been able to solve many of the problems that plagued the site since the start of the season. United saw all their hopes of Champions League qualification but ended in a 3-1 defeat to Arsenal on Saturday and after the match the interim manager was asked what he had done of his time in charge of the club.

“I’m not happy with the number of points we won, quite obviously, and also with the way we defend ourselves,” Rangnick told TV2.

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“I think we did better [defend] in the first few matches. But we are just closing in on too many goals. Even though [against Arsenal] the way we defended ourselves in and around our own box was just not good enough. I’m not happy about that.

“We could easily have six, eight, ten points more, but we do not, and therefore I am not happy with what we have achieved in the last few months.”

Asked whether he has left the United team in a better condition than he was in when he took over from Ole Gunnar Solskjær, the interim manager added: “I think we showed some improvement in the first three months, it was pretty obvious.We had a points average of two until three or four weeks ago.

“But the last few results and matches, at home against Leicester, lost 4-0 at Liverpool, 3-1 here – again, improved performance, but still conceded three goals – it’s just too much if you close three or four on average This is what happened before I arrived, so I can not be happy. “

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