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Raised by wolves: any power mother has explained

First HBO Max’s Raised by wolves has a seemingly harmless android called Mother, but as a former necromancer, her true powers are impressive and deadly. As Raised by Wolves season 1 and 2 unfold, Mother reveals a seemingly endless array of powers, some small and others quite deadly. While Raised by Wolves season 1 describes the extent of mom’s abilities, she has some surprises up her sleeve during season 2.

Raised by Wolves opens with the androids mother and father landing on the planet Kepler-22B. Together, they are on a mission to raise and care for human children. At first, mom and dad seem to look alike. They are both androids that look like humans building their new homes, just like human colonists would. Like androids, they both struggle to understand human emotions. The Mithraic colonists arrive and threaten their mission along with the mysterious entity that apparently controls everyone’s actions at great cost. It’s revealed in Raised by Wolves season 1 that she’s a necromancer, an android designed as a killing machine that Campion Sturges has reprogrammed to take care of human children.


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IN Raised by Wolves season 1, mother flies single-handedly up to the Mithraic ship and begins to disintegrate people with her eyes and piercing screams. She causes the ship to crash, leaving few survivors. She gathers five children from the vessel and sends them back to her camp, where she intends to look after them and raise them to be atheists. By the end of the episode, several of Mother’s powers have become apparent, but others are not revealed until later episodes, as Season 1 unfolds. Raised by Wolves season 2 sees the full extent of mom’s powers and how she can control her emotions to kill Seven. Here is all the power mom has, what they do and where they come from.

Armed eyes

Raised by wolves

Much of Mother’s power comes from her necromancer’s eyes. When she puts them in, she gets the ability to perform many impressive feats. She is just as vulnerable to damage as a standard android without them, though she can still use certain minor abilities. Nevertheless, the mother’s eyes are the source of her greatest power, enabling her to accomplish many feats on this list. What’s more, she can use them to project a form of radiation that causes swelling of bare skin and gruesome burns.

At the end of Raised by Wolves season 1 premiere, the Mithraic colonists come to confront mom and dad. When they become aware of the true nature of the mother, they immediately become afraid of her eyes. But before they have time to look away, mother burns and kills several of them with her gaze. Only Marcus escapes. From there, mother uses her other powers to board the ark and destroy Mithraic. Mithraic returns during the season and a new threat is found in Raised by Wolves season 2, where mother must fight against her own child and android grandmother.

Supersonic Scream

Amanda Collin as Mother in Raised by Wolves season 1 on HBO Max

Mother’s perhaps most deadly ability is her supersonic scream. Unlike her eyes, which can be avoided by simply looking away, her screams are much harder to guard against. It sounds like a deafening scream that is capable of making a living target explode in a puddle of blood. Mom can sling this focused bang of sound at a distance of several yards, making it an effective and extremely deadly ability, especially considering her ability to fly and maneuver quickly in position.

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When mother (Lamia) uses her necromancer eyes, she can switch to a kind of molten metal, making her impervious to bullets and other kinds of attacks, and mother can also fly and hover in this state and move around in open space with ease. She appears to achieve this ability by interacting with the planet’s electromagnetic field. In this way, she can also manipulate soil, dirt and stones without touching them and disrupting the technology.

Mom uses her ability to fly in almost every episode. At first she uses it to scout the area for threats, but these excursions soon become an excuse to fly to the working simulation pod, where she joins in to retrieve her archived memories of the man who reprogrammed her to take of children, Campion Sturges. She is later caught in a simulation pod at the end of Raised by Wolves season 2 of grandma.


One of the first forces mom discovers is her ability to switch to other forms. In the first episode, while trying to comfort Campion over the death of his sister Spiria, she somehow shifts into Spiria. Campion is amazed – and a little creepy – and Mom notices that she did not know she was capable of such a thing.

Later, Mom uses her shape-shifting ability to look like Marcus and board the Ark. She then transforms into herself and kills almost everyone on board using her sonic scream. Interestingly, as the show progresses, Mom finds no reason to use her form-shifting ability again. Still, it is an ability that comes in handy along the way Raised by Wolves season 2.

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Melting / freezing breath

Another ability mother uses when she has her eyes and is in necromancer form is allowing her to dissolve or freeze objects with her breath. She can exhale overheated breath, capable of melting metal. She can also exhale an icy cold breath that freezes objects and living things. This force appears to stem from access to dark photon energy, a technology that Mithraic discovered by studying their writings.


Amanda Collin as Mother in Raised by Wolves season 1 on HBO Max

Mother is capable of several useful powers, even when she does not have her necromancer eyes installed, one of which is the ability to heal people. During seasons 1 and 2, the mother heals cuts and scratches the human children on several occasions. This is definitely a useful skill as a caregiver, despite the fact that I do not understand Campion’s scaly hand (at first).

It is noteworthy that Dad does not seem to have this ability either. Given that mom can heal without her necromancer eyes, it seems that this skill is one that Campion Sturges was able to program specifically for her. If this is another trait of necromancers, it seems contrary to their deadly nature and may be evidence that death is not the only intention necromancers have.

Induce sleep

Raised by Wolves' Paul Turns Against His Mother in Season 1

Another thing that mom can do is get people to sleep instantly on command. This ability is yet another that proves to be extremely useful as a caregiver. It’s also another skill that mom can use without her necromancer eyes, and one that dad does not have. Again, it’s interesting to wonder where this ability might come from, either as something programmed by Campion Sturges, or perhaps deeper in origin.

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Where Raised By Wolves Season 2 Leaves Mother And Her Powers

Raised by Wolves season 2 leaves mother’s powers very intact, even though she is unable to use them as she is now trapped. At the end of the latest episode, mother had to meet her Snake Child, Seven, aka Necroserpent. In the beginning, she could not do this as her programming does not allow her to ruin her own children. Mom was able to take Grandma’s veil to dampen her emotions so she could go up against the snake. This, in turn, made Grandma feel her feelings. Therefore, her original course for humanity changes to something more sinister.

Instead of keeping people trapped on Kepler 22-b, she wants them to be transformed into a dazed and almost vegetative state (as this is her idea of ​​happiness). Of course, it will not fly with mom and dad. Despite Mother’s great power, Grandma was able to catch her in a slumber. It is not yet known how mom will escape hibernation, nor whether she will encounter the original Campion in the simulation.

Whatever the case may be, Mother, as a necromancer, was originally built by Mithraic from plans that the religious group found in their writings. She was built to “cleanse” the Earth of unbelievers. Yet, after Campion Sturges captured and reprogrammed her, she remains a faithful believer in her mission to raise and care for human children. Hopefully, Raised by Wolves season 3 will offer new information about the true nature of Mother and necromancers.

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