Rail strike: Who is RMT Union leader Mick Lynch and what is his salary?

Mick Lynch

Lynch has been the face of Britain’s rail strikes (Image: Ben Cawthra/LNP)

Travel chaos will occur again, as National Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers (RMT) members are striking again today (July 27) to protest conditions, pay and redundancies.

Britons have been warned to avoid unnecessary travel as widespread disruption is expected.

The action comes just a month after Britain saw the biggest rail strikes in 30 years.

Union leader Mick Lynch has been the face of the strikes, negotiating behind the scenes and speaking to the media about the action they are taking.

But who is Mick Lynch and what is his salary?

Here’s what you need to know…

Who is Mick Lynch?

Mick Lynch is a British trade unionist who has served as General Secretary of the RMT since May 2021.

Mick Lynch

Mick is general secretary of the RMT (Image: PA)

The 60-year-old grew up in the Paddington area in London and left school at 16 and qualified as an electrician.

He started working in construction and joined a trade union, which led to him being blacklisted from the profession, for which he later received a large settlement.

Unable to find work, in 1993 Lynch began working for Eurostar and became active in the RMT.

He served two terms as Assistant General Secretary of the RMT and two terms on its Executive before being appointed Acting General Secretary in 2020 due to Mick Cash’s ill health.

Despite stepping down from the role, Lynch won an election and took over the role permanently in 2021.

In this role he has become a key figure in the current rail strikes, with thousands of RMT members taking part in planned strikes over jobs, pay and conditions.

What is Mick Lynch’s salary?

There has been some debate about how much Lynch is paid in his position.

It is widely rumored that the union man is on a salary of £84,000.

Mick Lynch

There has been some debate over Mick Lynch’s salary (Credit: PA)

However, in an interview on TalkTV it was claimed by Piers Morgan that he is being paid more than £124,000 – a figure which Lynch denied.

According to The Sun, Lynch has reportedly earned £763,000 in wages and benefits since joining the union in 2015.

What has Mick Lynch said about the rail attacks?

Lynch has been a prominent figure on television and radio during the strike action and has participated in a number of interviews.

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Regarding the strike action, Lynch has said: ‘Our members will once again take pick lines in this important dispute over pensions, jobs and conditions.

‘They have been messed around by TfL and Mayor Sadiq Khan. And to add insult to injury, they have not seen the details of this funding letter from the government.

‘Unless assurances can be given of jobs, pensions and damaging changes to working conditions, our strikes will begin in August.’

The RMT is currently set to strike on August 18 and 20.

Lynch has also accused rail companies of failing to offer an improved deal after June’s three strikes.

He said companies are ‘scrutinizing’ terms and conditions, adding: ‘RMT will continue to negotiate in good faith but we will not be bullied or cajoled by anyone.

“The Government needs to stop their involvement in this dispute so that the rail employers can reach a negotiated settlement with us.”

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