Rahul Gandhi is fighting for a single, low tax rate to reduce the burden on the poor

Congressman Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday slammed the government over GST rates, saying a single low tax rate would help reduce the burden on the poor and middle class. He highlighted that the GST rate on diamonds is 1.5 percent, while on health insurance it was 18 percent and hospital rooms were five percent, dubbed GST as the “Gabbar Singh Tax” and said it shows who the Prime Minister cares about.

“GST on health insurance: 18 percent. GST on hospital room: 5 percent. GST on diamonds: 1.5 percent.” Gabbar Singh Tax “is a painful reminder of who the prime minister cares about,” he said on Twitter. The GST rate will reduce compliance costs, prevent the government from playing favorites and ease the burden on poor and middle-class families, ”he added.

Congress has called for the repeal of the current GST law, saying it has damaged the economy and new legislation should be brought in place as it has many “birth defects” that cannot be rectified.

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