Queen Elizabeth II lies in state, Prince William, Prince Harry prepared to stand vigil

Prince William chats with children in hour-long queues

Prince William stopped to chat with two boys as he worked his way down the line of mourners queuing to pay their respects to their grandmother’s coffin.

The Prince of Wales was heard asking if they were warm enough and if they slept overnight while they waited.

He was heard giving words of encouragement to mourners as they stood beside the River Thames near Westminster, telling them they were almost at the palace.

The authorities have warned that the waiting time can be at least 16 hours.

Prince William spends more time in queues than King Charles III

Prince William, now the Prince of Wales, shook hands and thanked the thousands of mourners who have joined the hour-long queue to see the Queen’s coffin.

King Charles III also thanked the people queuing, but went ahead of his son.

Both royals were surrounded by bodyguards as they walked down the path and greeted people.

William renounced the mourners when he left.

King Charles III, Prince William visit mourners in hours-long line

King Charles III and Prince William visited mourners on Saturday in the hour-long line along the River Thames near Westminster as thousands lined up to see the Queen’s coffin.

The king received three cheers from supporters and cries of “God save the king.”

While William appeared to joke with some of the people queuing, saying his grandmother would never have believed the outpouring of support she has received following her death on September 8.

Officials have warned people not to stand in the queue, which is not expected to take people at least 16 hours to get through.

Mourners for the Queen continue to lay flowers outside Windsor Castle

Mourners continue to gather outside Windsor Castle, the royal residence, ahead of the Queen’s funeral on Monday.

Flowers and notes have been continuously brought by the British, while several thousand are queuing in London to pay their respects to the Queen at Westminster Hall.

The flowers and notes are reportedly taken in each night to make room for more the next day.

Prince William and Prince Harry prepare to hold the vigil

The Prince of Wales, William, and his younger brother, Prince Harry, will hold a vigil over their grandmother’s coffin on Saturday.

While the King’s Bodyguards keep a continuous watch, family members of the royal family also take turns standing guard.

Each watch lasts six hours, with people within these watches keeping watch for 20 minutes.

The king and his three siblings kept watch over the queen on Friday.

British officials warn the wait to see the Queen’s coffin could be 16 hours

Mourners continue to endure long waits to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Hall.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport said mourners could wait between 16 and 24 hours in a queue that has stretched from the Palace of Westminster to Southwark, almost 7 miles away from the Queen’s current resting place.

Overnight, the UK government warned that the queue had reached “almost full capacity with a waiting time of at least 25 hours” and advised people not to join the queue.

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