‘Put these on your shopping list’

Food and mood are so intricately linked that they have inspired a new field of brain study: Nutritional psychiatry, which examines how what we eat affects how we feel.

As a dietitian and nutritionist who has researched and experienced this connection on my own, I find it infinitely fascinating that we can empower ourselves to feel partially – or sometimes completely – better based on our diets.

The foods you eat can make or break everything from your work and productivity to your mental state and physical health. To boost your mood and brain energy levels, put these 35 foods on your shopping list:

Complex carbohydrates

1. Pumpkin seeds
2. Apples
4. Strawberries
5. Oatmeal

Complex carbohydrates contain more nutrients than simple carbohydrates, and due to their higher fiber content, they take longer to break down.

They also help stabilize blood sugar levels, which can stabilize your mood. Fluctuations in blood sugar can make your mood change quickly, leaving you irritable, low on energy and feeling downright awful.

Lean protein

Healthy fats



Vitamin C


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