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Public health worker killed by “herd of dangerous dogs” in Alabama after she went home to follow up on another dog attack

A sheriff’s office in Alabama says a public health worker was killed by a “herd of dangerous dogs” after she went to a home to follow up on a report of dogs attacking and injuring another person days earlier.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said the dogs’ owner, Brandy Dowdy, 39, has been charged with manslaughter. Prison records on Sunday did not show whether she is represented by a lawyer.

Oliver said deputies on Friday saw more dogs attacking people south of Red Bay, and that led to one person getting minor injuries and some dogs being killed.

Deputies were in the area to examine an unknown vehicle and they found the body of Jacqueline Summer Beard, an Alabama Department of Public Health employee. Oliver said Beard was there because of a dog attack earlier in the week that sent someone to a hospital in Jackson, Mississippi, with injuries.

The sheriff said investigators believe the dogs attacked Beard as she tried to contact their owner. Red Bay is located in northern Alabama, on the Mississippi State Line.

The sheriff’s office said Dowdy will also be charged with violating Alabama’s law on dangerous dogs, called Emily’s law. The law was named in memory of Emily Colvin, who was killed by dogs outside her home in Jackson County in 2017. The law allows for charges of crimes and misdemeanors depending on the circumstances surrounding a dangerous dog attack.

The incident comes about 10 weeks after a dog attacked two women by one Florida Animal Shelterkilled one and left the other wounded.

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