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PS Plus tears fans off before it’s out – Reader’s Feature

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Is Sony behaving unfairly? (photo: Sony)

A reader is unhappy with Sony’s attempt to block the stacking of PS Now subscriptions as he accuses Sony of taking advantage of fans.

For months, we’ve had rumors that Sony is preparing their answer Xbox Game Pass, and when they actually announced it, all the basic information was already leaked. In fact, the official announcement has not provided any new information other than the launch date. But then the whole revelation was strangely low-key, like the kind of thing you would expect for a smaller indie game and not what could be Sony’s most important new product for generations.

It might well be that Game Pass was definitely for Microsoft, but so far it’s all shrouded in confusion, anger and the feeling that Sony is gearing up to once again take its fans to the cleaning. The first real proof that the PS Plus renewal was real was when Sony started removing PS Now coupons from stores, a clear indication that PS Now would be discontinued and that something else would come instead.

What we did not realize at the time was that it was more sinister than that. The second reason Sony abolished the PS Now coupons was that they had to offer a deal so that anyone with a current subscription got an automatic upgrade to PS Plus Premium, the top tier of the new service. At first, this seemed pretty generous, as it means you can get a year’s Premium for less than half the price, but that was before we knew how far Sony would go to prevent people from taking advantage of it. ..

Once everything was announced, everyone quickly realized that you could ‘stack’ several PS Now subscriptions on top of each other, so you had several years of subscriptions already paid and in your account. These will then again be converted to Premium subscriptions, thereby saving you a lot of money.

Sony also realized this and therefore prevented people from being able to stack PS Now. However, it did not say that to anyone at first. No, it waited a few days while everyone got confused and angry, then it quietly added the recording to its FAQ without drawing anyone’s attention.

Once again, we see Sony treating its fans like idiots, trying to guess and fool them instead of being honest and just stating the rules they have created. They say one thing (they believe in generations and PlayStation 5 exclusives) and then do another (suddenly announcing that almost all of their games are cross-gen). They refuse to communicate anything for months and do nothing to solve problems – such as the obscene cost of their games – which they know are fans’ biggest concern.

And now, instead of letting the 1% who know about the PS Now trick have a bit of a trade, they block them without ever talking about the problem in public. Oh, and all the hundreds of games that come to service? They will not tell you about any of them. They just say there are hundreds and expect you to believe it, even though the only sure proof is that games are actually leaving PS Now!

The worst part is that Microsoft is not only much more at the forefront of this kind of thing, but they had a similar loophole for Game Pass. It was actually even more serious as people were able to get Game Pass for as little as £ 1 and stack it with others to basically get it for pennies for many years to come – I know it certainly was, what I did.

And did Microsoft try to block these people? Did they quietly change the rules when they realized they would suddenly make a little less money? No, they embraced it all and realized it was good free advertising … which obviously worked given how popular Game Pass is now.

However, Sony just does not think so. Their only concern is to squeeze every possible cent out of their fans and ideally to have to talk to them as little as possible. We are a commodity to be cheated, not a customer to be serviced. That Microsoft is gaining ground on PlayStation is no surprise to me, and it’s not because of the games or even the value for money, it’s because of the way they treat their fans with respect and not cross-border contempt.

By the reader Korbie

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