Provides driver check-up services at Dibba Al-Hisn Center

Sharjah (Union)

The Eastern Region Police Department has completed all stages of the driver test application in Dibba Al-Hisn in collaboration with the Sharjah Driving Institute within the framework of the Sharjah Police General Command’s desire to provide the best service to customers, in order to achieve the Ministry of Interior’s strategic objectives which aims to increase customer satisfaction Customers with the services provided
During his visit to the center yesterday, Colonel Dr. Ali Al-Ki Al-Hamoudi, Director of the Eastern Region Police Department, briefed on the workflow process and the smoothness of the process of applying for the driver’s examination service in the city, after meeting the special requirements, emphasizes the zeal of the Sharjah Police and its efforts to to deliver its services with ease and ease. Encourages workers to make an effort and offer to provide services to customers in accordance with the best applicable standards.
Al-Hamoudi emphasized the readiness of the center to provide all the services that customers need to obtain the license, from the process of opening the file to receiving the license, which made it easier for dealers in the city of Dibba Al-Hisn and the surrounding areas the difficulty of the road and the distance they needed to achieve it.

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