Prime Minister Modi meets UAE delegations; says investment proposal in J&K has reached 38,000 Rs

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with delegations from the United Arab Emirates looking for opportunities to invest in Jammu and Kashmir, and said private investment proposals in the union area have reached around Rs 38,000 crore.

Modi visited Jammu and Kashmir to attend the celebration of National Panchayati Raj Day and spoke to all gram sabhas in the country from here.

Before the prime minister arrived on the podium for his speech, the prime minister met with delegations from the UAE, an official spokesman said.

Later in his speech, he said that a new story of development is being written and that many private investors are interested in Jammu and Kashmir.

In seven decades of independence, private investments of only Rs 17,000 crore could be made in Jammu and Kashmir. But now it reaches about 38,000 million Rs. Tourism is also thriving again, the prime minister said.

Modi, who was wearing a white kurta pajamas with a chair around his neck, also interacted with the famous local sculptor Ravinder Jamwal. He had sculpted a six-foot-long statue of the Prime Minister, which was installed during the event.

The prime minister also posed for a picture with the sculptor in front of his artwork, officials said.

He also walked around various stalls set up at a technology exhibition by the Ministry of Science and Technology to motivate start-ups and help raise awareness about the huge new livelihoods, they said.

The stalls set up by various departments and wings of the ministry will showcase the latest technologies and innovations for the benefit of rural and agricultural areas until Tuesday, officials said, adding that the stalls show the integration of science and technology with the themes of rural development and Panchayati Raj.

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha honored the Prime Minister by presenting a shawl and a painting.

Modi praised the administration and said that since the introduction of constitutional reforms regarding Jammu and Kashmir in August 2019, the government has been focused on implementing comprehensive reforms to significantly improve governance and make it easier for the people of the region to live in an unprecedented tempo.

The projects that were inaugurated and whose foundation stone was laid will go a long way in facilitating the delivery of basic facilities, ensuring easy mobility and developing infrastructure in the region, he said.

During his visit, Prime Minister Modi also inaugurated and laid the foundations for several Rs 20,000 Rs development initiatives for Jammu and Kashmir.

Investment proposals in J&K have reached Rs 38,000 cr: PM Modi for UAE delegations

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