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After death is a 2020 Hungarian horror film about a photographer who confronts ghosts in a haunted village after the First World War.

Directed by Péter Bergendy from a script written by Piros Zánkay, based on a story written by Péter Bergendy and Gábor Hellebrandt.

The Szupermodern Stúdió production stars Viktor Klem, Fruzsina Hais, Judit Schell, Zsolt Anger and Andrea Ladányi.

In the cold winter of 1918, Tomás (Viktor Klem), a young man working in autopsy photography, ends up in a small Hungarian village. The strange nocturnal noises, the hostility, the mysterious deaths and the gloomy figures that appear in his photographs urge him to leave as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, Tomás returns to the village to investigate the ghosts’ intentions and find a way to exterminate them…

” …the film ends up looking something closer to Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow (1999), complete with macabre visual set pieces that take it into full-blown gothic horror. While that may sound like tonal whiplash, the film manages to sell this ride with the subtly realized hysteria among the fearful villagers and the appealing odd-couple detective pairing between its two central characters.” All Those Who Got Away

“A satisfying, eerie scare, the picturesque compositions recall the dreamy yet natural landscapes of German romantic Caspar David Friedrich, its Eastern European superstition meets the technological modern world echoing Bram Stoker’s Dracula. If Bergendy isn’t above throwing in the odd cheap jump scare, the film’s best moments rely more on phantasmagorical imagery and unsettling, surreal sequences.” CineVue

“Although it has a few ups and downs and the horror is never quite as good as it was in the first act, it’s still a solid ghost story that will creep you out and hold your attention from start to finish. It makes great use of our natural fear of death, even when the ghosts aren’t involved, and the human elements keep the story flowing when the scares take a back seat.” Horror possessed

“The film transcends the boundaries of pure ghost story and conventional horror peril in a crossover of genre filmmaking and arthouse cinema that boasts a mainstream audience appeal. The film weaves social, psychological and historical motifs, peppered with subtle jump scares along with hectic action scenes and coming-of-age melodrama in a post-modern cinematic patchwork.” Screen anarchy

“This fantastic Hungarian ghost story takes place just after the First World War and boasts some fantastic effects as well as an eerie atmosphere.” Shooting star


IN USA, After death was released on Blu-ray and DVD by Shout! Factory Factory on September 20, 2022. It is also available through Amazon Prime

After death will be released in the UK on Digital on 31 October 2022.

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