Polium teases the first NFT game console

Polium teases the first NFT game console
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The world’s first NFT game console is apparently coming when Web 3 company Polium has announced ‘Polium One’, a new system that it claims will be “the world’s first multi-chain game console” and aims for a release in Q3 2024.

According to Kotaku and Mobile Syrup, it is said that the machine will be able to run games built on different blockchains and in different programming languages.

The console claims to “be powerful enough to run high-performance games and will be easy to use for a traditional gamer who does not understand Web 3.” No games were announced, though the company claims they are currently talking to developers.

Only four people are reportedly working on building the functional prototype for the console and controller with the aim of having a functional one before the end of the year. The claim is that it will somehow be able to run 8K HDR, 120 fps and will include ray tracing.

The console’s controller will reportedly include a fingerprint scanner for security, along with a ‘wallet’ button to give players quick access to the console’s multi-chain wallet designed for trading, exchanging, betting and receiving cryptocurrency.

The announcement has subsequently been met with a wave of skepticism and criticism from players and industry writers, with many doubting that it will be sent. Some have pointed out that their logo appears to be an inverted version of the GameCube logo.

The company responded Twitter to that saying: “We did not copy Nintendo’s GameCube logo. There are several companies that use a similar logo. But we want to illustrate a new logo that is original. ”

The announcement comes as cryptanalysis firm Chainalysis (via The Guardian) has revealed that sales of NFTs reached just over $ 1 billion in June – down from $ 12.6 billion in January. The crashing market has been linked to a severe decline in the broader global cryptocurrency market, which has fallen in value from around $ 3 trillion in November to below $ 1 trillion.

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