PM update: Showers end tonight and it’s much cooler Wednesday

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* Severe thunderstorm clock for southern Maryland until 6 p.m. 20 | Freeze ur Wednesday night for western Loudoun, northwestern Montgomery and counties north or west *

The temperatures did the upper 60s and low 70s today despite predominantly cloudy conditions. Rain showers that began over the area this afternoon continue into the evening. They are out in front of yet another cold front. It feels like we’ve had them uninterrupted this spring. The cold front will bring a markedly cooler weather from tomorrow.

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For tonight: Showers will tend to subside within an hour or two after sunset, from west to east. Some rumbling is possible, especially over southern Maryland, where a thunderstorm is in effect until 6 p.m. in general, we expect the most intense storms to concentrate further south, closer to Richmond and Virginia’s Northern Neck. After this it will become partly clear during the night. Low temperatures should range from around 42 to 49 degrees. The wind will be out of northwest around 10 mph, with gusts closer to 20 mph or 25 mph.

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): We will see a mix of sun and clouds, probably most sunny early in the day and some cloud cover over time, thanks to very cold air in the weather. Temperatures should primarily be in the mid-50s to close to 60 degrees.

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Pollen update: The tree pollen is HIGH with 603.51 grains per. cubic meters of air.

Winter refuses to give up: Another freezing shift is in place Wednesday night in the far western and northwestern suburbs, where temperatures are expected to drop near freezing point. Washington can even make the 30s in the city center.

The district’s average final date with lows in the 30s is April 12th. Out west at Dulles International Airport, like many western suburbs, the average is final freezing is April 19th. As recently as 2018, the final freeze was on Dulles on April 30th. Back in 2013, it hit 32 degrees there on May 14th!

As can be seen in the map below, the climatological median date of last freezing has passed over most or all of the area at this time.

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