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PM Modes for technology in the judicial system

To reiterate its vision of using technology in governance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that the government is looking at the possibilities of bringing technology into the justice system as an essential part of its Digital India mission.

Speaking at the inaugural session of the Joint Conference of Prime Ministers and Chief Justice, held at intervals of six years, the Prime Minister appealed to the Prime Minister and Chief Justice to bring forward his vision of technology in legal work, he said that e the court project was implemented in mission mode.

Referring to examples of success with digital transactions, Modi stressed that these were becoming commonplace in small towns and even in villages. Of all the digital transactions that took place in the world last year, 40% took place in India, the Prime Minister said, adding today that topics such as blockchains, electronic discovery, cyber security, robotics, artificial intelligence and bioethics were taught at law universities in many countries.

“It is our responsibility that legal education in our country must also comply with these international standards,” he said.

The Prime Minister made a strong argument for mediation as being an important tool for resolving huge dependency on cases in the courts, and also said that the government has introduced the mediation bill in Parliament as an umbrella legislation. “With our rich legal expertise, we can become a global leader in mediation solutions. We can present a model to the whole world, ”he said, adding that resolving disputes through mediation in our society has been an ancient tradition.

While appealing to the Prime Ministers to repeal outdated laws to make justice easier, the Prime Minister said that “in 2015, we identified around 1,800 laws that had become irrelevant. Out of these, 1,450 such laws in the Center were abolished. But only 75 such laws has been abolished by the states, ”he said.

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