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I have another promo video that you can watch Evil Dead: The Game and it features comments from the Evil Dead franchise star Bruce Campbell as members of the Slash ‘N Cast podcast and UnCAGEDgamez team up with other streamers like Survivors. Bruce’s son, Andy Campbellalso plays as Deadites.

The video shows some of the bloody chaos that players will experience while playing the game. Some players will kill Deadites while others run around swallowing souls! Bruce Campbell is also entertaining to listen to, and he comments from the comfort of a comfortable weathered leather chair. I just wish a Bruce Campbell came along with the game!

In the game: “Step into the shoes of Ash Williams or his friends from the iconic Evil Dead franchise, and work together in a game filled with over-the-top co-op and PVP multiplayer action! Play as a team of four survivors , explore, loot, deal with your fears and find key elements to seal the break between worlds in a game inspired by all three originals Evil death film as well as the Starz original Ash vs Evil Dead TV series.”

Evil Dead: The Game is set to be released on May 13 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Enjoy the video!

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