‘Piers Morgan uncensored’ seen by 300,000 – Deadline

Piers Morgans debut Uncensored show including an interview with Donald Trump had an average of 300,000 viewers over at. 8pm last night in the UK, which tripled the competition from BBC News and Sky News and drew 10 times as many viewers to GB News.

A peak of around 400,000 saw the hour-long show, which included several clips from the interview with the former POTUS, which was teased heavily by Rupert Murdoch’s Talk TV in the time leading up to the debut show and will air its second part tomorrow – is expected to confirm the situation where Trump stormed off.

Morgan’s show beat BBC News (130,000) and Sky News (110,000), while rival GB News, which was launched less than a year ago, only earned 33,000 for Mark Steyn’s news show at. 20.00.

Uncensored also made a dent in the mainstream channels, just behind BBC Two and Channel 4 across the 8pm time.

The interview, which was shown last night with Trump, mainly contained statements from the former POTUS on various major issues such as President Biden’s performance, the presumed election campaign in 2020 and conflict in Ukraine and Afghanistan. The next few weeks may make or break whether Morgan can find a loyal audience or watch viewers disappear in the same way as GB News, even though a well-watched Nigel Farage show at.

The ratings do not include viewers who tuned in to the US and Australia simulcast via Fox Nation and Sky News Australia. Morgan used to lead a CNN show, but returned to the UK to host ITVs Good morning Great Britain for six years. He stormed out of the set of that show last year due to a quarrel over his comments regarding Meghan Markle’s mental health.

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