Piers Morgan says some female politicians ‘deliberately forget’

Piers Morgan and Labor MP Angela Rayner (Photos: PA)

Piers Morgan appeared on Times Radio this morning ahead of his return to TV (Photos: PA)

Piers Morgan has claimed that some female politicians ‘deliberately indulge themselves’ after an anonymous Tory MP claimed that Angela Rayner was trying to distract the Prime Minister during PMQs by crossing and removing her legs.

Without succumbing to controversy, the former Good Morning Britain host gave his two pennies worth at the recent ‘desperate, perverted smears’ made against the Labor deputy.

When he appeared on Times Radio this morning, Mr Morgan said: ‘Let’s be clear, some female politicians are deliberately excelling themselves. We know it. I will not mention names.

‘There are certain female politicians around the world who I would say make a virtue out of being nice. What is wrong with that?’

His comments come after the unnamed MP accused Ms Rayner of trying to put Boris Johnson ‘off his crotch’ during PMQs with ‘other skills he lacks’, as she ‘knows she can not compete’ in a debate with him.

The allegations have received a chorus of condemnation from the other side of the benches, with the prime minister threatening the MP behind them with ‘the horrors of the earth’ if he ever finds out who was behind them.

Despite his heavily worded assurances, both Tory leader and Cabinet Secretary Nadine Dorries came under fire yesterday for their copy-paste declarations of solidarity with Mrs Rayner on Twitter.

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Earlier in the show, Mr Morgan addressed their tweets: ‘If a true Tory MP said that, which I have no doubt, is the case … That person should be the focal point of all criticism.

‘Honestly, I think the whole thing has been a bit exaggerated. I think Angela Rayner is a tough cookie. I think she can handle this very well.

“And I think there is, it plays a bit into my mindset again about some kind of rapid fire virtue signaling going on, every member of government is sending out exactly the same worded tweet.

“It’s all nonsense, and it unfortunately devalues ​​the value of what they say.

‘I would let Angela Rayner fight her fights both with the idiot Tory MP, whoever it was, and also with Boris Johnson.’

Boris Johnson's tweet about Angela Rayner (Photo: Twitter)

Boris Johnson and Nadine Dorries tweeted exactly the same declarations of solidarity with the Labor MP (Image: Twitter)
About 15 minutes later, the minister immediately tweeted (Photo: Twitter)

Mr. Morgan appeared on Times Radio to promote his new talk show Piers Morgan Uncensored, which starts today with an interview with former US President Donald Trump.

It’s the first time he’s returning to television as a host since he dramatically stormed out of the set Good Morning UK last March.

Mrs Rayner has already hit back at the ‘misogynistic’ comments and insists they are yet another attempt to distract from the Partygate scandal.

She stressed that the attack on her stemmed from her background and class, adding that Mr Johnson and his MPs “clearly have a big problem with women in public life”.

“I am accused of a ‘trick’ to ‘distract’ the helpless Prime Minister – by being a woman, wearing legs and wearing clothes,” the politician wrote on Twitter over the weekend. ‘I conspire to’ expose him to his crotch ‘.’

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