Phillies option Bryson Stott for Triple-A

PHILADELPHIA – The Phillies promised to play Alec Bohm and Bryson Stott regularly when both joined on opening day.

They said they would not jeopardize the development of any of the players by letting one sit and rot on the bench.

The Phillies chose Monday to play Stott for Triple-A Lehigh Valley every day. Stott is the organization’s No. 1 prospect and No. 44 prospect in baseball, according to MLB Pipeline. But he had not started since April 18 in Colorado. He had not played since a pinch-hit-bat-bat in the ninth inning Tuesday at Coors Field.

He was unbeaten in his last 18 strokes.

Bohm, meanwhile, grabbed the daily work on third base, and Johan Camargo entrenched himself on short stops while Didi Gregorius recovered from a bruised left hand. Gregorius has been approved to play, giving Phillies an opportunity to take this step.

“We knew there would be a balancing act with development and Major League wins,” said Phillies general manager Sam Full. “It’s a really hard juggling. I do not know if there is a right answer. There is a lot of development happening, just by being around the best players in the world, even if you get 40 percent of reps here that you would have in Triple-A: There’s value in being around the best in the world.

“We just felt that at this point it was a good opportunity to get Stott to Lehigh, get back into a routine, get regular reps and continue his development. But it was all conditioned by Didi’s readiness and we got the green light. this afternoon.”

Phillies selected outfielder Roman Quinn’s contract to take Stott’s place on the 28 – man list. To make room for Quinn on the 40-man roster, they placed left-hander Ryan Sherriff on the 60-day injured roster.

“In honor of Didis and Camargos and Bohm, they have all created this good problem to have,” Fuld said. “They have performed well. We knew we could live out of a situation like this. That’s why you just constantly monitor it and again juggle the two criteria. We felt it was time to do it. But Of course, this will not happen without the performances of Bohm, Camargo and Didi. ”

Full said most of Stott’s time in Triple-A will be spent on shortstops, though he will continue to see some time in third and second place.

Full was asked if there was any regret in bringing both Bohm and Stott to the start of the season.

“There are always learning experiences,” Full said. “Many of the game’s fantastic players will tell you that their first match adversity in the Major Leagues was a positive learning experience after all is said and done. You never want that. You never mess with that, but I think this short look at the Major Leagues, this short match with some matches, I think will be beneficial in the long run for Bryson. [he] earned his place on the team due to his performances from last year and spring training. So we have not regretted anything and we knew that this result was a possibility. “

Quinn, who Phillies drafted in 2011, rejoined the organization after receiving his release from the Marlins at the end of Spring Training. He spent the first five seasons of his career with Philadelphia. He cracked his left Achilles in a fight in May 2021 in Tampa Bay, ending his season.

“We’ve all seen the ability to influence the game that Roman has,” Full said. “First he has shown that he is healthy and back to the elite athlete that he came from this injury. We have just as much confidence that he can influence the game with his legs in the same way as previous years. If it is pinch-run , if it’s defensive replacement, it’s obviously a versatile bat with his switch-hitting. Just many ways he can influence us, especially late in the fights. And with the DH spot you just get a little more flexibility to use a guy with Roman’s unique skill set. ”

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