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Paulina Porizkova starts’ old and ugly trend with selfie – Hollywood Life

paulina porizkova

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Image credit: Michele Eve Sandberg / Shutterstock

Paulina Porizkova refuses to let the hates get her down! A few days after someone called her “old and ugly” on social media, the model embraced the words of her critics by using them to launch a viral hashtag on Twitter. Paulina posted an amazing selfie of herself, which looked incredible with the caption: “Love continues! 57 and proud! Keep posting your wonderful beautiful self and take #oldandugly so we can keep sharing [love]. “

The hashtag went viral on social media, with others posting their own photos and using the hashtag to embrace their beauty. Hundreds of people responded to Paulina’s post with selfies, while others uplifted them with mostly positive comments to spread the love. As Paulina has grown older, she has not backed down to continue appearing on social media, even though it has given her criticism from faceless haters.

paulina porizkova
Paulina Porizkova on the red carpet. (Michele Eve Sandberg / Shutterstock)

On April 29, Paulia responded publicly to a person who dissed one of her bikini posts. The commentator slapped Paulina for continuing to post bikini photos “at [her] age, “and told her it must be hard for her to get” old and ugly. “This comment is what triggered her viral Twitter hashtag.

In direct response to the bikini critic, Paulina wrote: “This is the alderistic shaming that puts my teeth on edge. Older men are upscale, older women are ugly. People who believe that beauty equals beauty understand not beauty. ” She also clarified that “there is no such thing as old and ugly” just in case someone did not get her message.

After posting her response, Paulina was inundated with loving comments from those who support her decision to proudly post what she wants on her page. Hopefully this will teach the haters to let her – and everyone else – be free!

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