Paula Overby, Legal Marijuana Now Congressional candidate, has died

The Strib’s Jessie Van Berkel and Hunter Woodall report Paula Overby, who ran for Congress in the 2nd District as the Legal Marijuana Now party candidate, has died. Overby is the second 2nd District LMN party candidate to die shortly before an election. In 2020, Adam Weeks died not long before Election Day.

The Associated Press writes Attorney General Keith Ellison has filed suit against Fleet Farm alleging that the company negligently sold firearms to straw buyers.

Bring Me The News’ Tommy Wiita reports one dashcam video shows some bad bike lane behavior: motorists used a cycle lane to go around other motorists. “Many expressed their frustration with the recklessness of drivers, but also the relative ease with which they are able to transition from the street to the bike lane … ‘Put bollards and plant trees. Separate cars from people physically and without negotiation,'” wrote one Reddit -user in response to the video.”

MPR’s Mathew Holding Eagle III has a story about digital repatriation. “It’s a new one tool used by institutions, including museums, to return archival-quality copies of cultural materials that are not physical objects back to the tribes to which they belong. These materials are considered intellectual properties.”

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MPR’s Peter Cox reports Long-term care facilities are still affected by staff shortages – and it takes a toll on residents and staff.

Bring Me The News meteorologist Sven Sundgaard rates AccuWeather’s winter forecast for Minnesota.

The Star Tribune’s Christa Lawler says ghost hunt with paranormal investigators at William A. Irvin in Duluth.

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