PATREON EXCLUSIVE TO 25/4 The Village (2004)

Alternate Ending was formed when three friends realized they all shared a passion for movies. Our goal is to save you time and money by sharing our thoughts and recommendations on which movies to run in the cinema, which ones to watch at home and which ones to actively avoid. What sets Alternate Ending apart from other movie sites and podcasts? Well, we are not 5 guys in a room talking about our passion for Fight Club and Braveheart. We are two guys and a lady where our tastes are quite varied. Rob, the dropout from film school, has seen an absurd amount of movies, and to be honest, our Fight Club fanbase rounds out. Tim Brayton, our experienced film critic, shares a more critical view of film, an appreciation of vintage films and perhaps films with limited release that we might otherwise miss. Carrie, our casual filmmaker, reminds us all that cinema should actually be fun and entertaining, and that sometimes, just sometimes, happy endings are good. Too many film sites cater to the same kind of audience with one overwhelming voice in the writing, but what we value at Alternate Ending is diversity: diversity in opinions, diversity in belief in what film should do and how it should do it. . We want to celebrate our different opinions and also celebrate yours. This is not a site for people who just want to talk about the latest hot new movies in theaters right now. This is a place for people who can not get into the theater until the third week a movie is out; a place for people who just want to find something good to stream online after the kids go to bed, a place for people whose favorite pastime is to snatch a bunch of classic movies on DVD from the library and watch them all weekend. It’s a place that thinks every great movie is a wonderful new treasure, whether you watch it the night of the premiere or fifty years later. It’s a site about discovering good movies … one bad movie at a time. Join our weekly review of movies worth watching, avoiding and our Top 5 lists – and don’t forget to join us at

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