Pachinko (Season 1) Episode 7: Recap & Ending Explained

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Pachinko Season 1, Episode 7: Recap & Ending Explained: In the seventh episode of Pachinko, Kogonada returns to the director’s chair again. And he creates an episode that is also one of the most uniquely devastating things that has been shown in recent times. This is the only episode so far in the show that runs without any intercut between past and present. It is basically our guidebook to Koh-Hansu and its origins.

The direction of Kogonada helps tremendously in elevating the experience. The visual grandeur of the brand, which disappeared under Justin Chon, returns again. The intelligent and convincing use of imagery and the subtlety of drama are intertwined into a brilliant whole. In fact, the episode revives Pachinko on its own for most of the sins it has committed so far. It’s an instant classic.

Before we dive into Pachinko season 1, episode 7, read the explanatory note in the sixth paragraph.

Pachinko Episode 7: Recap

Yokohama, 1923

A young Hansu returns to his father from the Holmes household. This is a wealthy American family, and Hansu serves as a math teacher for their heir Andrew. However, he gets a little late that day because he went to run a errand for them. His father tells him that he is not Holmes’ servant and should only focus on teaching their son. After this rather relaxed conversation, the father-son duo goes to the Yokohama boxing ring, where, as usual, a fight takes place.

But they are not here to watch the match. Instead, they go there to meet Yakuza Ryoichi, for whom Hansus’ father is employed. Ryoichi asks in a serious tone Hansu when he will join them as there are so many companies to deal with. His father intervenes and proudly tells his master that it will not be possible for Hansu to work here as he serves as a teacher for a wealthy American heir. Ryoichi mocks them for sucking in the Americans. However, he advises Hansu to learn more Japanese so that he too can become one of them.

Then we see Hansu supervising Andrew, who is a visibly dull student. Mrs. Holmes enters the stage. The beautiful lady remarks to Hansu for understanding such complicated mathematics. Andrew then asks his mother to let Hansu follow them to America. He says he will pass the exams there without his guidance. Mrs. Holmes tells them she will try to convince her husband of the same.

Pachinko Episode 7

Hansu then transfers this conversation to his father. Although his father is quite critical of the Americans, saying that equality is only a colonizing illusion, he also asks Hansu not to dodge this chance. Hansu, however, is skeptical and he asks how he can betray the promise they gave each other to become as a team. Nevertheless, the old man is able to persuade his son to go to America.

Later, Hansu is told that his father has pumped a large sum of money out of his master’s business for a woman. The boy then asks his father about his reasons for doing so. His father simply says that love makes you do certain things and he will know it when he falls in love with a woman. Hansu says, however, that they are clearly in deep trouble. He also refuses to travel to America. Angry, his father says he sees a ridiculous man buried under Hansu. He also beats him in the middle of the street. However, Hansu still follows his father to Ryoichi and offers himself into slavery. His father tries to bend him out, and suddenly a tragedy strikes.

It is the doomsday of the great Kanto earthquakes. The devastation is massive, and Hansus’ father is tragically dead. When Hansu regains consciousness, he begins to grieve. Suddenly, Ryoichi gets him away from the camp and takes him to the nearby mountain. He shows Hansu the tragic nature of these destructions. He rationally exposes him to the fact that he is not the only orphan out there and that he is in debt to his father more than anyone else. He suggests he find the Holmes family and follow them to America.

This turns some sense into a grieving Hansu. He hurries towards their family home and finds them already preparing for the journey. Hansu is asked about his father by Mrs. Holmes. As he bends his head down, she feels sorry for him and asks him if he wants to follow them. Hansu nods in approval and they start their journey. However, he is separated on the road from the rest of the family. But in the midst of chaos, he manages to meet Ryoichi, who is on the lookout for his own family. Together they take their journey. On the way to the borders, Hansu finds the bodies of the Holmes family and is visibly destroyed.

In a village, they decide to rest in a tea shop. The owner asks a companion to serve some tea for them. But her hands shake as they offer tea. So Ryoichi comfortingly takes his pot and serves it himself for both of them. Soon, anti-Korean sentimentalists begin the rumor of Koreans trying to use the disaster as a pretext to kill and plunder the Japanese. Ryoichi is appalled by the hostility towards Koreans around and is worried that they might chase Hansu as well. Suddenly, he sees an old man helping Korean refugees escape.

Hansu himself asks them to go and hide in the nearby barn. Ryoichi then hides him on the blankets and tells him not to move or even breathe. Suddenly, a couple of Japanese guards show up at the frame, bloodthirsty and ask where the Japanese are. The carpet salesman helplessly tells them that they are hiding in a barn. In a terrifying scene, Hansu gasps uncomfortably for air as he watches Koreans being burned alive.

Pachinko Episode 7 – The end explained

Pachinko accompanies Ryoichi to the outskirts of this village. Here the old Yakuza is finally reunited with his children. He tells his children that Hansu will be with them for some time. Together they sleep. Hansu, however, cannot sleep. He is constantly staring at the night sky. His whole explosion is diluted, and the only thing left is pain and endless sorrow.

Then he wakes up and goes to a tree and holds its trunk. Something good and true is changing inside him. He realizes that Yakuza is the only way out for now from all this misery. And his success story has turned into a story of origin and survival.

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