Over a thousand Indian peacekeepers serving in the UN Mission in South Sudan awarded medals for outstanding work

Over 1,100 Indian peacekeepers serving in the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) were awarded UN medals honoring them for their exceptional service in the war-torn East African country.

UNMISS “peacekeepers do not ‘just’ protect civilians. About 1,160 #India soldiers in #SouthSudan are also rehabilitating roads, building community capacity and providing medical care to humans and animals. For that they deserve @NMMs,” UNMISS said in a tweet Thursday.

The 1,160 Indian peacekeepers currently serving in the Upper Nile State were honored with UN medals “for their unique and multifaceted work”, including civil protection, engineering and the provision of human and animal health services, it said. a news report on the UNMISS website.

The news report said Indian engineering troops have rehabilitated key roads in the state, including the 75-kilometer route from Malakal to Abwong via Baliet.

It added that the Indian contingent is also “well known and loved” for its frequent mobile veterinary clinics in various parts of the Upper Nile State, which provide veterinary services that are otherwise rarely available to cattle owners, cows, goats, donkeys, sheep and other animals. in the country. Recently, veterinarians treated about 1,749 animals in Renk in just two days, it said.

“We have a strong belief in supporting income-generating activities, such as vocational training. With skills, one can make money and feed a family,” contingent commander Colonel Vijay Rawat said in the UNMISS news report.

“In December last year, we arranged courses in carpentry, masonry and how to use rain and water, and we hope that the participants will be able to make a living. We want to be remembered for leaving positive memories among the people who live here, ”said Rawat. The contingent also held computer literacy workshops for girls and boys.

“It is an honor to receive this medal, which will adorn my uniform for the rest of my career. We provide medical services to peacekeeping forces and local people, but we also share our knowledge on disease prevention and gender-based violence, ”the report quoted Major Pooja Nair, a doctor and one of only two women in the current Indian contingent, as saying.

India is one of the largest troops contributing to UN peacekeeping missions. Currently, 2,385 Indian military personnel, the second highest after Rwanda, and 30 police officers are deployed at UNMISS.

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