Outlander Season 6 Episode 7 Recap: Sticks and Stones

The Christies family is convinced that Claire is actually a witch because of her acute cesarean section and is the first to find the body. Tom insists that Malva be buried in the middle of nowhere when she was unmarried and pregnant. Jamie insists that Malva and her little boy get a Christian funeral. Many Ridge residents believe Claire killed Malva out of jealousy and or witchcraft. Hiram Crombie, the Bugs and Obadiah Henderson all add fuel to the fire of fanfiction and conspiracy theory.

Fraser’s Ridge still does not have an official minister. Roger agrees to perform Malva’s funeral, but he is also in doubt as to whether he is the right one to do so. Jamie tells him that Rogers’ murder of the man in Brownsville was not murder and that he should not feel he was sinning. He is also concerned about the clash between his own feelings as a father and the Church’s doctrine of whether unborn children will go to heaven. By the end of the episode, he realizes that it is actually his calling to become a priest. He tells Bree that he has finally found something that is as good as how he felt about teaching in the 20th century. There’s enough time for Roger to formally train at the Presbytery in Edenton before Bree’s term. The Ridge just has to do with a Presbyterian priest married to a Catholic.

Malva’s funeral itself starts gloomily until Alan refuses to allow Jamie to act as pallet bearer. Ian steps in instead. Claire offers to carry the baby’s coffin, but then Alan grabs it from her. He blames all the phrases for having a perfect life while being ruined. This is the most we have seen from Alan throughout this season. Everyone interprets his anger as a grieving brother, and Jamie and Claire realize they should go to de-escalate the situation.

Lizzie has only been hanging out with the Beardsley twins for a while now. It is very clear that they are both in love with Lizzie and she never managed to choose which brother to date. Ian is looking in the woods for evidence of Malva’s killer, and it’s suspicious that the Beardsleys are now missing. There is no evidence that Josiah and Keziah did more than talk to Malva during Claire’s rehearsal in episode 5, but they could have seen someone or something suspicious.

Lizzie finally reveals first to Ian and then to Claire that the brothers have disappeared because they are afraid they will get into trouble. Lizzie could not decide which brother to complain to, so she decided to sleep with them both when she fell ill with malaria earlier in the season. The Ridge was barely able to cope with Malva’s accusations that Jamie was the father of her baby, and they are certainly not ready to understand that Lizzie and the Beardsleys form the 18th century, similar to a polygamous triad. The episode avoids answering the question that Josiah and Keziah feel attraction for each other, but Lizzie’s description points to Lizzie having two lovers.

Claire comes from the 1960s, so her biggest concern is whether Lizzie will be abused or forced in any way. Jamie has learned a lot from Claire about the future, but the 18th-century man he’s buried for a while comes back in full force with his reaction. He demands that Lizzie choose a brother to marry with straws. Jamie seizes Keziah and orders Josiah to leave Ridge. Jamie’s plan does not quite succeed when Lizzie later asks Roger to perform the handshake ceremony with Josiah. After finding out, Jamie jokingly calls this an “unholy trinity”.

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