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Wow. I can’t express how wrong I got this show. This review of episode 6, Just Jen is my excuse. This show is art Casablanca like proportions and like my last root canal I can’t wait to enjoy it again.

She-Hulk, thanks to the wizardry of the finest computer effects that artists Ecuador can offer, it looks amazing here. She is invited to a good high school friend’s wedding with an invitation that is a chef’s kiss of originality, subtlety and class.

She Hulk Main

After a very clever fourth wall breaking moment for the audience, a technique not seen in film or television for at least the better part of a minute, she leaves for the wedding as She-Hulk. A real character moment here when she finally embraces her She-Hulk persona thanks to revelations seen in the last episode. Well not seen as much as implied but i can read between the paragraphs. Off-screen is the best way to make things happen, it shows efficiency.

But the writers subvert expectations as this is the first time she’s actually wanted as Jennifer and NOT She-Hulk! Plot twist! Epic! And there she finally meets a decent, charming guy like herself. Get this, he’s Asian. I mean it’s a breath of fresh air since minorities are treated so badly in Hollywood these days. I’m getting a little tired of the charming, nice, white guys. It’s not realistic at all, but here are the white guys messing up their shirts playing Mario Cart. Kudos.

Meanwhile, the B-Plot shows how bad people with powers can let it go to their heads. Instead of doing the expected thing of taking over the world, an immortal man is shown marrying a lot of women and, in a good bit of openness, one man. He uses his powers to get out of these relationships by just killing himself in front of his wives and then starting a new identity.

Smart use of such awesome power. I mean, who needs villains who always think so grand all the time? Maybe a little pettiness is just what this series could use. It’s been so hard so far.

Back to Shulkie (Yes! They used the name from the comics! Sqeeeee!), who correctly deduces that Titania has come to the wedding to try to ruin She-Hulk’s reputation, but of course no one believes her. The plan goes well for Titania, but instead of letting it play out and then of course keeping this story running over several episodes, we see a very realistic moment. She abandons the plan to punch Jennifer in the face and sends her flying.

She Hulk Titania

I’m glad to see that Jennifer has some stamina as a human thanks to her She-Hulk powers. We don’t have to be so ultra-realistic and see her head fly off her shoulders. Then the show would end and I’m desperate to see what happens next!

Speaking of which (do I need to tell you that She-Hulk wins the fight? Of course I don’t!) we see a shadowy organization trying to get Jen’s blood. Nice call back to episode 1 and the episode where the wrecking crew tried to get it from her.

Of course, Disney helpfully reminded me of all that at the beginning of the episode. They didn’t have to, I’d watch all these episodes enough times to remember the dialogue. Which of course is top notch as usual.

You should watch this show instead of doing little things like eating or calling the suicide hotline. Its beauty, tight storytelling, logical choices, and charming performances all lead to something that, and I am in no way exaggerating this, will change your life and bring you to a state of enlightenment only dreamed of by our ancestors.

This is what all wars in history were fought for: She-Hulk. Lawyer.

Disney+ I’m going to start paying $20 a month just because you deserve it.

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