Opinion | Sean Hannity sends text messages to Mark Meadows to help on election day

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CNN has released a new round of text messages from former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ phone in connection with the January 6 uprising. Among the communications are a series of announcements between Meadows and Fox News host Sean Hannity on election day 2020, showing not only that the former chief of staff dictated Hannity’s content, but also that the latter signed in to seek his marching orders.

The topic was to get out of the poll: “Stress every vote matters. Come out and vote,” Meadows wrote. “Yes sir,” Hannity replied, “The full exchange conveys the sense of urgency that the White House felt when Donald Trump faced Democratic nominee Joe Biden on November 3, 2020. And it contains an informality that suggests how often such exchanges occur.A Via CNN:

Sean Hannity to Mark Meadows


Sean Hannity to Mark Meadows

Will NC be ok?

Mark Meadows to Sean Hannity

Stress, every voice means something. Come out and vote

Mark Meadows to Sean Hannity

There is a radio

Sean Hannity to Mark Meadows

yes Mr

Sean Hannity to Mark Meadows

On it. Anywhere we need a push

Mark Meadows to Sean Hannity

Pennsylvania. NC AZ

Mark Meadows to Sean Hannity


Sean Hannity to Mark Meadows

Understood. Everywhere

“On It” tells you everything you need to know. As The Posts Philip Bump notes, Hannity’s radio commentary repeated that day on his afternoon drive-time show Meadows’ directives. Pennsylvania, Arizona and North Carolina received the most reviews on the show.

If only all of Hannity’s corrupt shillings for the Trump world were so benign and civilly responsible.

Praying for people to come out and vote is, after all, patriotic activity carried out by partisans, partisans, good government groups, educators, parents and everyday good citizens. It happens, however, that taking this message from a White House official and targeting states according to his political calculations shifts Hannity’s admonitions to the realm of political propaganda – a familiar arena for him.

“Let’s be clear, this is not normal,” CNN host Dana Bash said Monday. “It’s not normal for people who do not know how we communicate. It is not normal for someone who works for an alleged news organization, despite the fact that he is clearly not a journalist and does not even pretend to be. It is not alright.”

Strong point, but when journalists’ private messages with sources are revealed – either through hacking or lawsuits – they often look “icky”: journalists smearing up sources, sharing drafts, and so on. But these activities are far from Hannity’s offense.

When authorities investigate the Trump-era abuse, they often end up with Hannity’s communications. The host’s texts with former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, for example, revealed his critical role as a fixer and comforter for Trump employees. “Look. You’ll call me if you come down,” Hannity wrote to Manafort in a communication produced as part of a federal investigation into Manafort. “Need a friend. If I can help. Anytime day / night. I pray for you and your family. You stay strong. “The New York Times suggested that Hannity could have helped coordinate messages between Trump and Manfort. “Paul Manafort was made clear every day to anyone who listens to my radio program or watches my television program.”

Election day texts are not the first Hannity-Meadows messages to appear. Last December, on January 6, the House’s select committee unveiled another set of texts between them on the day of the riots. “Can he make a statement asking people to leave the Capitol?” texted Hannity, asking Trump to act in the midst of chaos. That message, along with others from Fox News personalities, suggested that these people realized the horror of January 6 as it unfolded, yet tried to tone down as time went on.

Texts obtained by the committee from the phone of former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany also show the Fox News host panicking after the riots. “1- no more stolen election talk,” Hannity wrote, “2- Yes, the trial and the 25th Amendment are real, and many people will quit.”

McEnany replied, “Love it. Thank you. It’s the playbook. I want to help reinforce.”

Based on the text traffic, it’s hard to pinpoint Hannity’s exact position in the Trump hierarchy. He was once referred to as the “shadow boss”, although he is also willing to receive tuition, and he does a good job of implementing directives. He is passionate and generous with his time. Overall, a model employee – just not from any organization that claims to provide “news.”

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