One person bought 50 percent of all Lexus GS sold this year

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Buried in sales reports Toyota/Lexus released for the first half of 2022 and June is a strange, random and almost surprising figure. Lexus sold a single new unit of a model it discontinued two years ago. Exactly one person bought a brand new Lexus GS. And that’s not even the best part.

To sum up The Lexus GS has been discontinued since 2020. And it was a long time coming. No one bought them as consumers switched to crossovers and SUVs. The GS went from selling just over 23,000 in 2015 (its best sales year) to just 624 in the first few months of 2020. We thought it was gone. But apparently some dealers were holding on to a few in their backlog.

Lexus’s latest sales report reveals that the brand sold exactly one new GS in June 2022. What’s even more amusing is that it brings GS’ total sales for the year to thaw vehicles. Who were the two people who walked into a Lexus lot specifically looking for a brand new two year old car? Chiropractor anyone? Or a well-to-do grandmother?

These two sales are also one 97.2 percent change from the previous year, when 70 oddballs went out to buy a 2021 Lexus GS. So whoever of you likes to go out and buy cars years after a car manufacturer stops making them and buys them new will I would like to talk to you about your life choices.

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