On our 40th spring day, Friday seemed to represent the season well

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Friday was our 40th spring day and it had the look and feel of a worthy representative of its season, which may make many of us hope that the next 40 can share its qualities.

Friday’s high temperature of 67 degrees seemed warm enough to fit, even though it fell six degrees below the April 29 average.

On a bright afternoon 40 days ago the equinox, our sun showed spring strength, especially with few clouds to disturb its radiant benevolence.

In some moments it’s true, Friday did not seem so hot. Remarkable among these moments was at. 06.16, where the morning temperature officially scraped bottom and dropped to 42 degrees.

It was 11 degrees below average, and in itself it did not seem particularly springy.

But perhaps the low temperature, just 10 degrees above freezing, helped us realize how much Friday actually embodied the essence of this season of optimism, change, and renewal.

The mercury reached its lowest point in the morning a few minutes after the time when the sun rose over Washington.

Perhaps more significant than the cold was the ability of the day to shake off its shackles and to stand up 25 degrees in the sunlight.

Such one-day transitions from morning tracks of winter to afternoon hints of summer often characterize early and mid-spring.

Such events seem, in almost a single day, to embody the story of spring. They demonstrate its nature as a mid-season, a time of meteorological shift between the two poles of our year, summer and winter.

In the small hours of the morning, days like Friday can remind us of the cold and darkness of winter. But as the sun rises, and sunlight increasingly stretches before us, such days also speak of the early dawn, late sunsets, and enveloping heat of the coming summer.

That way, Friday, April 29, seemed not only a day, but also a milestone and a symbol.

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