Olivia Wilde gets Jason Sudeikis’s custody papers on stage at CinemaCon

The contents inside the envelope have been revealed.

Olivia Wilde received an envelope marked “personal and confidential” from an unidentified woman while speaking on stage at CinemaCon on April 26, and now the contents of the mystery email have been identified. Olivia was given custody documents by her ex-fiancĂ© Jason Sudeikis, a source tells E! News.

According to The Hollywood ReporterOlivia was on stage talking about her upcoming film, Just calm down darling. Then in an undisclosed event, an unknown woman appeared on stage to give Olivia a manila envelope.

“Is this for me?” Olivia asked the woman, according to the outlet. “Is this for me?”

Olivia reportedly opened the delivery and after looking at the first page of its contents, she thanked the woman and continued her presentation without addressing the matter.

The legal papers were related to the jurisdiction of Jason and Olivia’s son Otis8 and daughter Daisy, 5, the source told E! News.

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