Nottingham attack: Sadness over man ‘tragic’ death after ‘switch between group of men’

The death of a man after an attack in the center of Nottingham has been described as ‘tragic’ by people in the city. Many living in the city center and its suburbs say they would be reluctant to take on a night on the town after a man in his 30s collapsed after the Broad Street attack.

No one has been arrested since the attack around noon. 2 a.m. Sunday, April 24th. Nottinghamshire police, who remain at the scene, appealed for more information about a “quarrel between a group of men”.

The incident comes just over a month after an attack at the intersection of Upper Parliament Street and Trinity Walk, which admitted Nathaniel Bierley, 26. He died at the hospital 12 days later on March 17.

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Jessica Mounsey, a 30-year-old pharmacy intern from St Ann’s, said the death was “tragic”. She told Nottinghamshire Live: “There’s so much going on, you just do not know. It’s tragic I keep seeing things like this on Facebook. It’s crazy I’m too old to go out now but I would do not let my children go out.

“I have a stepson of 19 years and would not let him get out of town. When I was younger, that kind of did not seem to happen that much, it’s so sad.”

Tracy Neil, a 29-year-old nurse from Bulwell, said: “This kind of thing happens a lot in the city. It’s a concern, especially on weekends and nights out. I’m not going out anymore, I’m stopped as I can see how people can come after two or three drinks. They start behaving crazy, they can not handle their drink. “

An anonymous 34-year-old from Sneinton added: “I’m not going out anymore, there’s too much going on out there these days. Hopefully someone gets arrested for what should be CCTV cameras.”

Investigating officer Detective Mark Parish described the incident as “extremely serious” and said police “worked hard to understand what happened and who was involved”. He said: “Patrols have also been intensified in the area to provide security. Local inquiries are underway and we are also eager to speak to anyone who may have seen a quarrel between a group of men – some of whom are believed to have fled to Old Lenton Street.

“Anyone with information please call 101 with reference to Event 55 of April 24, 2022.”

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